If I Were a Super Hero...

What would your super ability be? I mean, if you were lucky enough to be born a Super Hero? Would you have mind powers? Or powers of strength? Could you fly around the world in mere moments? Could you swim to the deepest darkest depths of the ocean? I asked some friends on Twitter what their Super Ability would be if they were Super Heroes. I was expecting "To see through walls" or "Bend steel with my bare hands" but, we're simple adults with simple dreams.

Here were some of the incredibly practical adult answers:

Peace and Calm... a mother's dream.

I would probably just zap them. Good thing we have nice peeps like Fickle Feline. :)

20/20 foresight... yes!

Don't ALL Super Heroes get hot bods?

AND... bonus... talking to yourself would be totally normal! Awesome.

I think what Rob means is that he wishes he could read minds. ;)

I didn't appreciate the awesomeness of this Super Ability at first. But then I started thinking of all the things I could do if I didn't have to sleep or shower. That's like 10 or 11 hours a day! SelfishMom's Super Hero name should be Genius Mom. Just sayin'.

Can I get an AMEN for Brother Lance?

The Crazy Magnet (a.k.a. Kaboom) was the only person that picked my secret wish of a Super Ability, but when we chatted further, I realized I was thinking too small. I was thinking that teleporting myself from a lunch meeting in LA back to San Diego in time to pick up the kids from school would be amazing... but then Kaboom started talking about lunching in Spain or to the Spanish Steps in Rome or at the Pyramids in Egypt...

Clearly, I have been a practical adult MUCH too long.

So why all this talk of Super Abilities? Two reasons. As a Nintendo Ambassador, I get to share news every now and then. Today, I get to tell you about the new Nintendo game for the Wii: Kirby's Return to Dream Land and a wonderful foundation they have partnered with.

My kids have been playing the game non-stop (after homework and chores, of course) and have been having an absolute blast! A little bird (grandma) told me that while I was gone, my daughter said, "I like playing on the same team with my brother when we play Kirby. He usually wants to destroy me. When we play Kirby, we work together."

Warms the heart to hear her little brother doesn't always want to destroy her.

In Kirby Returns to Dream Land, up to four players can work together to help Kirby and his friends use their Super Abilities to help others... just as Nintendo is helping the Starlight Children's Foundation, a foundation committed to imporving the quality of life for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and injuries by providing entertainment, education and family activities.

Nintendo is asking children all over the country to share the Super Ability they would like to have in order to help other. Check out the Super Ability Microsite that includes dowloadable coloring sheets and a link to Scholastic.com to take the "What's Your Super Ability" quiz for inspiration.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land is out in stores today. BIG thanks to Nintendo for sending us an advance copy... and the yummy cake pops. :)