Who's Your Daddy?

For the last few weeks, I've had a secret that I couldn't share with you. It's about a mystery Daddy. One that we had to keep under wraps until we could officially tell you all about him. He used to live in San Diego. Ever since he moved, I've really missed him. Things haven't been the same, that's for sure. But he's been successful in his new role and his new family really loves him, so I try not to be too sad that he's not here any more.

But yesterday, a public announcement was made and now I can tell you all about the mystery Daddy.

Who is the Daddy?

Drew Brees.

Drew Brees, former quarterback of the San Diego Chargers, but y'all might know him better as quarterback of the N'awlins Saints (Who Dat?!!) is the first Daddy to work with Vicks VapoRub in 150 years! And who better to be the official dad for the familiar scent and feel of love and a restful night's sleep?

Here he is with his adorable son, Baylen:

Glad I finally got that off my chest.