My San Diego: Sweet Sunday

Today was a really sweet day. My day started with a morning walk/jog on The Strand. My old "flat tires" were causing me too many aches and I've missed too many mornings watching the sun come up over the water. I finally bought a new pair of runners yesterday. I was super happy to break these pretty girls out today.

On the way home, I stopped at The Cup that finally opened back up. The small local coffee shop was being remodeled and permits took too long. Doesn't matter now. They're open again! They have the most delicious espresso roast that makes the best Americanos. Not sure if it really IS that good, or if it's just because I drink them after a tiring walk/jog.

After church, I took my kids to my office. They always ask to come check it out, and since I needed to go get some things, I drove there instead of straight home after service. I'm glad I did. My office is located in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach. It's a funky, shi shi, organic-loving artistic spot in North County.

It's very Marin County... except here.

After having lunch at one of the local cafes, we walked toward my office, stopping in at Cedros Gardens. While we strolled through the foliage, my daughter spotted this beautiful butterfly taking a break from all her fluttering.

I let the kids play a little ping pong in our awesome co-work space, grabbed what I needed from my desk, then walked out to the parking lot where the weekly Farmer's Market was taking place. I got some locally grown, organic beets and kale and checked out some of the vendors and their wares.

I came across a booth of the most beautiful succulent plants. I've been wanting to put some in my kitchen window where the sun shows no mercy to my regular plants, but where these succulents would look absolutely lovely.

Yep. It was a very sweet Sunday in my San Diego


All pictures taken on my iPhone 4 and edited on Instagram. Check out more of my Instagram photos on Instaview!