The Gift of a Good Shave for Mr. Jones

As you know, my husband is very handsome, and I can't trust just any razor to that handsome mug. So last month, as one of his birthday gifts, I got him into the Dollar Shave Club

The first box I ordered Mr. Jones included the 4x Handle and 4 pack of cartridges ($6), Dr. Carver's Easy Shave Butter ($8) and Dr. Carver's Magnanimous Post Shave ($9). He's still getting used to tossing his blade out after a week, but that's what happens when you pay too much for necessities. So now, every week, I make him switch to a new blade. After a month of nick-free shaves, he's sold. 

Since he still has plenty of Shave Butter and Post Shave (a little really does go a long way), I decided to introduce him to a new item: One Wipe Charlies. According to the site, it's a civilized and gentle way to treat your bum the way it deserves to be treated. 

Enough said.

If you've been thinking about treating yourself or the handsome man in your life to a smoother face (or minty fresh body parts), check out Dollar Shave Club. Plans start at $3/month and they have a money back guarantee, which is great because not only is my husband handsome, he's miserly.

Let me know what you think. Who knows, after a few silky smooth, fresh blade shaves, you (or your manly man) could end up extremely good looking... like Mr. Jones. ;)

Click  to order: Dollar Shave Club