A Proper Pub in Vegas, Baby!

When I think of going to Vegas, two images come to mind. One is of Daniel Craig as the sexiest Bond ever in Casino Royale. The other is of my friends and I staying up all night, drinks in one hand, chips in another, winning and losing and winning and losing, not knowing the time, and really... not caring. Just having a blast, letting it ride.

Going to a casino is a fun experience, a chance to dress up and enjoy yourself with friends at the various tables playing games like poker and roulette and enjoying cocktails. When you are in Las Vegas, everything is to the extreme. Going to a casino resort, you have so many things to do, all under one roof. Multiple casinos offer games (similar to those at www.jackpotcity.co.uk/mobile-casino/iphone-casino) as well as endless restaurant and entertainment options. Then there are the world class spa facilities... ahhh...

It's all enough to keep you busy for your whole trip!

The food in Vegas is a whole experience unto itself. It's a mixture of diner, specialty, and high end fare, with many celebrity chef owned restaurants. At Caesars Palace you'll find none other than Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill.

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill Las Vegas

This is a 290 seat restaurant and is a complete English pub experience. It's actually two restaurants in one with the grill section having a more relaxed setting and the pub section being a lot livelier. (That's likely where you'll find me.) This is one of three restaurants that Gordon Ramsay owns in Las Vegas and serves as the middle ground restaurant. His Steakhouse at Paris Las Vegas is higher end and his restaurant BurGR at the Planet Hollywood Resort is more fast food diner style.

The Pub and Grill has comfy chair seating and flat screen televisions playing sports and music stations. With union jacks and wood and brick, the place is designed to give the pub a proper British feel. You'll also find beer kegs lining a wall and Tower of London and Big Ben artwork. There are even those cute little red British telephone booths!

There are two different menus available-one is the pub menu which has classics such as shepherd’s pie, and the grill menu after 5pm offers things like pan-seared diver scallops.

If you go, try the 8 selection tasting of beer at the bar ($15). The hard part is choosing from all the beers, including Ramsey’s own 'Innis & Gunn'.