As the Crow Flies #MyYoga

There may be a slight chance I'm a little OCD. I can obsess over a lot of things in very minute detail. I told you about my obsession with lunch. Now, I'm going to tell you about my obsession with yoga poses.

In the middle of the day, my mind often wanders to things that may not seem normal to you... or most people. In between thoughts about what my life would have been like had I been born into royalty, I think about the physics of certain yoga poses. I wonder what move I need to tweak to enhance the overall pose. 

My family is used to me randomly getting up from the couch or the kitchen table or wherever I happen to be sitting and thinking, and then walking over to my practice spot to try a pose one more time. Sometimes, I'll yell out, "Picture!!!" And most of the time, one of the kids makes it over in time to snap a shot of my pose so I can see what I'm doing.

One of my favorite things to do is to stand on my head. (I know... not normal.) I've been working on this since I was a kid. But in a recent picture that I asked my daughter to snap (for Instagram, of course), I noticed I wasn't in alignment. My body was slightly bent over at the hips, toes pointed at an angle, not directly up from my body. So I did a little tweaking while my daughter impatiently snapped my results. I found that I lined up better if I tightened my core a bit and arched my lower back ever so slightly. It was a slight change, but it made a big difference.

And then I had an Instagram worthy headstand. Because it's all about the 'gram.

Every day I'm head standin'. #myyoga #yoga

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A few weeks ago, I was in one of my moods and thought that if I moved my elbows closer to my head, I might be able to balance better on my forearm stands. I haven't been able to get my legs up and over my head, but I did a decent attempt at splits. It wasn't Instagram worthy, but it did make it on to Twitter.

Sometimes, no matter how many pictures I take, I can't quite seem to make the pose do what it's supposed to. Like my crow. If you know your poses, you know that my knees need to be tucked in to my armpits and my arms should be straighter. But I'm still learning to fly this thing, so this is my crow.

It's a particularly difficult pose, with the added issue of landing on your face should things go askew. Hence the lovely pillow under my face. If you're wondering, yes... my face DID land in it right after this picture was taken. The way the pose is supposed to end is the yogini pushes her legs back and lands in a plank or chataranga.

I'm not even joking.

But I'm determined. So I found a great instructional video for perfecting the crow in the library at MyYogaOnline. I just added it to my favorites and hope to have this sucker down by the end of the summer.

Psst... this is a sponsored post for My Yoga Online/ Gaiam TV that I accepted because of how well it aligns with my life. Namaste!