Bolivian Jackpot!

One South American country where casinos are increasing in popularity is Bolivia. Gambling is relatively new to the nation as it was only legalized about 10 years ago.

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Upon the legalization of gambling, many casino developments commenced as a result of foreign investment in the country. Initially, the first casino to be built was the Bingo Bahiti. This casino focused only on bingo which is very popular in Bolivia. Located in Santa Cruz, the Bingo Bahiti can host as many as 2000 players. For special clients of the Bingo Bahiti, there is a VIP room where they can play high stakes bingo. The décor of the casino has been influenced by Egypt with breath-taking results. A restaurant and bar are also included to make it easy to dine between bingo sessions.

Not only is Santa Cruz home to Bingo Bahiti but it also has another casino that should not be passed by. Open after the Bingo Bahiti, the Golden Horse Casino is a bit smaller but provides a cosy atmosphere in which to gamble. The Golden Horse Casino is part of the Casablanca Hotel where many visitors to Santa Cruz stay. The casino requires a very casual dress code. Like Bingo Bahiti, a restaurant and bar can be found here. Electronic table games are the preferred casino games here. They include slot machines as well as electronic poker machines. If you’d like to visit Bolivia’s great casinos but are a gaming novice, try out and you’ll soon be coming back from South America with some big winnings!

Casinos provide a lot of entertainment when you're away on a vacation to places like Bolivia. When comparing the casinos around the world with one another, they all have their unique flare while still providing some of the same casino games that have become staples to casinos everywhere. Lucky for the casino-hopping traveler, these same games are offered at online casinos so travellers who have experienced them before can do so when they're back home.