Boxes of Books

Boxes of Books.jpg

I have several boxes of books, catalogued. The idea is to keep the books in those boxes and, should I wish to read any of those books, I can look it up on my handy dandy spreadsheet and find which box it's in. I was feeling so uber organized. 

But then I started thinking about those books as living things, filled with friends, and now I feel like I'm imprisoning them and I should be taken out back and beaten for sticking my friends in boxes. 

Hubs recommended unpacking them and putting them up on bookshelves like we had them before, and that's tempting, but I keep wondering why I leave those books on shelves for years and years with no other purpose than to point to them and say, I read those. It seems mean to trap your friends on shelves just as much as it is to trap them in boxes.

I thought about selling them, but then I thought about how much time and postage would go into it.  I thought about donating them, but they'd end up on shelves again, wouldn't they?

Then I came up with a genius idea. I'm going to have a book picnic before I leave. I've been wanting to have a picnic with friends before I move. I'll just bring those with me and introduce my fictional friends to my real friends!

I just love parties...