Damn You, Facebook and Shopify!

I don't know what I clicked or what target demo I fell into, but last week, I started seeing these intriguing ads on my sidebar when I was on Facebook. They were questions that seemed to be peering into my soul. HOW did they know I was having an existential crisis? 

There is a situation in my life... one that has been festering for waaaaay too long now... if you've been following me from the beginning, you know what I'm talking about... that situation was about to hit a personal expiration date. I had a tough decision to make earlier this week, but I was starting to rationalize how and why I could and should stick to the status quo.

But then these little ads started popping up.

Dammit... what DO I want?

I don't know... I mean, I want to be happy. Everybody wants to be happy, right? But what does that mean? Does that mean everything is sun shiny all the time? No unhappiness or misery ever? I don't think that's possible, so rather than set expectations higher, I've allowed my minimums to erode. Are those minimums really something I should continue accepting?

And then there's work and home and relationships and lifestyle and writing and travel and everything else. All my wants make me feel so confused. 

Should I be doing something other than what I'm doing? 

I quickly got my answer.

Okay, maybe communicating through words IS my calling. I mean, I KNOW it's my calling. I just need to work on refining and defining it, I guess.

So then I started thinking about how I use my particular crappy situation as a crutch for not pursuing the scary stuff. I thought about how I might be staying in that situation in order to always have a reason (or a person) to point to for why I didn't follow my calling completely.



That made me stop rationalizing and start seeing. Really seeing. And then I got THIS one.


My life HAS been on pause. I'm in the same position I was five years ago, only this time, there are more lines on my face and around my eyes, and my kids are now taller than me. How much longer am I going to sit in one place and let everything else keep passing me by and spinning around in my head? So much waiting... for what? A shitty situation to get less shitty?


No more.

So I resolved to have a tough conversation.

And I did.

And because things weren't weird enough, the next morning, I turned on the computer and got this.

That's a really good question... one that I'm ready to answer.

Damn... Facebook ad targeting is scary good.