Sunday Driving: Found Farm Fresh Eggs AND Free WiFi at La Flor de la Calabaza in Ensenada!

It's not easy going back to store bought eggs after a year of farm fresh eggs from your own backyard chickens. It took me about a month after moving to Ensenada to finally break down and buy a carton at the store.

The first egg I cracked made me sad. Unlike the robust orange-yellow I was used to, the color of the store-bought yolk was pale. The taste was just as bland. I have to admit, I had to choke back a few tears. I missed our chickens and I missed their eggs. I knew that the feed I gave the girls had a lot to do with the eggs, as well as letting them roam around the yard, playing in the sun. They were happy little birds. We were also eating eggs that had been laid that week, so the freshness contributed to the taste, too.

And those fresh eggs were so delicious!!!

Last Sunday, Mr. Jones and I went out exploring another part of Ensenada, just north of the ships and south of the toll road entrance. We drove over to a surf spot I've been wanting to check out and walked around a bit. We were too late for breakfast at the little kitchen nearby, so we drove over to a nearby hotel and marina to walk around and maybe get some lunch. The staff was late setting up because of a concert the night before that had them all working until 4 that morning. We were as patient as we could be as they set up, but after about an hour of sipping our beer, they still weren't set up, and I was done being patient. We decided to drive up the road to see what we could see.

La Flor de la Calabaza

La Flor de la Calabaza

It was the beautiful flower on the sign of La Flor de la Calabaza that caught my eye. I thought it might be a gardening store, but then I saw "Mercado/Cafe" and thought we might find a bite, but it was too late to pull in, so we had to turn around and go back. Right at the entrance of Las Playas resort was a tiny metal shack of a market that was too inviting to pass up.

Inside, we found local and specialty food items, like honey, jams, olive oils, lavendar, vegetables. We walked over to the xounter to see what we might order for lunch. They were out of a few of the items we wanted, but before I got completely frustrated, I said "What DO you have that we can order?" She smiled as kindly as she could at my hungry, impatient face and sweetly told us our choices. We decided on a sandwich that we both liked and asked if they could split it and add a salad. They were more than happy to do so.

While we waited, I walked around and explored the other side of the market. That's when I found the eggs. I asked the girl at the counter if they were fresh, and she said that they had just been delivered the day before from a local farm.

Happy Sugar!!!


La Flor de la Calabaza Mercado in Ensenada

Lunch took a little while, but like they said on their menu, everything is made fresh upon ordering and they appreciate our patience. It was completely worth the wait. Inside the panini was a thick piece of cured ham, thin slices of salmon touched with smoke, and a fried egg, seasoned to perfection. It was served with natural chips and a fresh salad, drizzled with a light dressing that was tangy and sweet. Mr. Jones and I both agreed, it was one of the best things we'd tasted since moving here.

Did I mention the free wi-fi?

My sweet heaven... my patience had been rewarded ten fold.