Go Bananas! Follow Dole's Peel the Love Food Truck

Bananas are my absolute favorite fruit. I never leave the grocery store without grabbing a bunch. They're great alone, in a smoothie, on top of cereal, or fried. (FYI: You haven't lived until you've had fried bananas with a little bit of whipped cream on top. Mmmmm...the best!) 

We all know that bananas are high in potassium, and that's really good for you, but did you know that bananas are packed with all kinds of goodness to help the body in so many ways? It's true! Here are just a few bananalicious benefits:

Bananas have high levels of tryptophan, which converts to seretonin, and seretonin makes you happy! They also have high levels of Vitamin B6, which reduces swelling, protects against Type II Diabetes, strengthens the nervous system, and help with the production of white blood cells. Bananas act as a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria that aids in digestion. And bananas are high in antioxidants, providing protection against chronic disease.

Dole Peel the Love Food Truck Tour.jpg

This past Sunday, we caught up with the Dole Peel the Love food truck tour at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. We got to taste some smoothies (made with tour partner, Almond Breeze) and other Dole fruits, as well as a chilled banana treat with chocolate chips, and my previously drooled over favorite dessert, fried bananas. 


They're also giving away tour t-shirts, hats, and recipe books filled with plenty of recipes so you don't have to even think about how to add the happy-inducing fruit into your daily diet. 

The Peel the Love truck will be driving around SoCal through June 24th before moving on to Phoenix and across the country. You can follow their tour stops on Twitter with #PeelTheLove. If you aren't able to catch them on their tour across the country, you can still get some tasty banana recipes on line.

Thanks to Dole for tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific. We had a blast!