Going to Portland to FEAST!

Next week, I'll be checking off two items from my Life List. 

One is to "Eat my way through Portland." 

The other is to take cooking classes at Cordon Bleu. 

That's because next week, I'm heading up to FEAST Portland


Feast Portland.jpg

Presented by Bon Appetit, FEAST Portland is "a world-class event celebrating Oregon's bounty and the chefs and artisans who do some pretty amazing things with it."

There's a Best Butcher and Fish Monger competition, wine tastings, beer tastings, cooking classes, and after parties like they are going out of style! It's basically the South by Southwest of food in a city known for its food and foodies. 

There's really no way to prepare for a feast like FEAST. I mean, I have to pack, of course, and I have to make sure I have my schedule set and phone numbers of the people I'm planning to meet up with, but what I really mean by "there's really no way to prepare for a feast like FEAST" is that there's no way for me to get a second stomach.

Maybe I should just fast until I get to Portland. 

Like I mentioned at the top, besides eating my way through Portland, I get to take some classes at Cordon Bleu. One is a Sweet and Savory Condiments class (I do love me some mustards and ketchups) and the other is Salt Block Cooking. I have NO idea what Salt Block Cooking is and I don't want to know, so HUSH! Don't spoil the surprise for your buddy, Shoog!!

My Cordon Bleu grad daughter was going to come with me, but alas, she did not get the time off, which bummed me right out because I didn't think I'd have anyone to hang with while I was up there. Although I don't mind being on my own, three days of chatting up strangers (or mumbling to myself) wasn't really something I wanted to do. Thankfully, through the magic of Twitter, I found out that a couple of my on-line pals will be there and we're making plans to meet up IRL for some sessions and possible shenanigans!

And oh yes... there WILL be pictures! 

If you want to follow along on all the preparations as the event draws near, or as it's happening, follow the hashtag #FeastPDX on Twitter. 


 Disclosure: I am attending this amazing event as a guest of event sponsor, Alaska Airlines.