I Hate Shopping

I seriously hate shopping.

I know some of you are shaking your heads wondering how in the hell it is that I'm even saying those four nasty words. It's not that I don't love the result of shopping. I mean, I love the experience of getting something new to wear. I love scoring a great deal on a hot outfit. I especially love wearing that something new to a party or out to dinner. But the act of actually shopping for a new outfit makes me break out in hives.

Shopping for me can be incredibly frustrating, as I'm sure it is for some of you (come on... admit it!!!). By the end of a day at the mall or driving around town from shop to shop, I'm exhausted and frustrated. I vow never to return to the mall ever ever ever again!

And then I'll be out with friends and one of them will be wearing such a fabulous outfit that I just HAVE to have it!  I decide I'm being silly and eventually go out, against my better judgment, and go shopping.

Here's how my shopping experience usually goes:

Before I ever go to the mall or store, I look for styles online that I want and imagine I can easily recreate in the store. Putting tops, skirts, jeans, jackets, bobbles, shoes, and handbags together is fun and I love being creative when money is no object. But then it comes to actually finding the outfit and IF I find it, paying for it. When I get some extra money in my wardrobe account, I grab my phone for easy retrieval of my Pinterest Style board and head to the mall. After finding parking, I take a deep breath and head in, optimistic and smiling. After a couple of hours of scouring endless stores that may or may not have the style, color, or size that I'm looking for, I head back to the car, defeated, shoulders slumped, no smile, irritated that I just lost several hours I will never get back and have maybe one lousy (okay, fabulous) outfit to show for it.

THAT is why I hate shopping.  

So what if I could shop online for cute clothes that my friends found that they no longer wear? Or better yet, clothes that other fabulous fashionistas found but no longer wish to wear?  And what if I want to unload some of my fabulous finds that I've been fortunate enough to score? Enter Tracy's Closet.

*cue trumpets blaring* 


Tracy’s Closet is a new online community where you can connect with other people who share your style. You can also use what’s hanging in your own closet to fund the fashions you crave. Just upload your closet, earn points, and then shop the closets of other stylish fashionistas.

You can sell and shop for women’s (and children’s) clothes, membership is free and so is shipping. HOLLA! There are a few different ways to earn points and shop for free at Tracy’s Closet!

How Tracy's Closet works:

  • You can "hang" (upload) your own styles via computer or smartphone, turning your clothes into points.
  • Share what you spent on the item and a few juicy details about it. 
  • Use the points you've earned to shop other fashionistas closets.

Since Tracy's Closet is based on a points system, you can refresh your wardrobe without breaking reaching for your credit card. And BONUS... without the frustrations that come along with shopping.

Join Tracy's Closet  today and earn 100 points instantly to use for shopping!

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I'll be uploading some of my own outfits as I transition into my beach life in Mexico, so look for some of my sweet finds soon!