June = Crazy Party Month

The older I get, the fewer wedding invitations we get in the mail. This year, there's only one wedding that I know of, and they're getting married back east, so the only local festivities are pre-wedding couple stuff. Ten years ago, it seemed like we were at a wedding at least once a month. That lead to a long season of baby showers and baby's first birthdays.

There was a lull for a while. The occasional bride or mom to shower, but our social calendar definitely slowed down from its feverish pace. 

Now, we're keeping up with the kids' social calendar. Every month, there's a birthday party or two. Since my kids don't go to neighborhood schools, their friends are spread out all over San Diego, so our plans always include travel times of at least 30 minutes each way. Being the end of the school year, the summer birthday kids are getting their parties in before everyone leaves on vacation, so there's been a party every week for the last month and a half. 

To top it off, WE still have a party to throw!

It's time for the annual Jones Kids Half Birthday Party. Since they both have birthdays right before Christmas, we celebrate their half birthdays together in June. We've been doing that since they were 1 and 3. Every year, I try to think of something that will be fun for boys, girls, and parents. The first party, we had a giant bounce house, another year was a beach party, and last year we had a video game trailer parked out in front of the house for kids to play in while parents hung out inside.

I'm seriously behind schedule this year. I sort of spaced with the plans to move, plus the end of the school year stuff that's on our minds, including finals and state tests. Thankfully, I have a few ideas for the party this year, which isn't so easy since one kid is an eye-rolling tween girl that likes to paint her nails and sing One Direction really really loud, and the other kid is a video game loving little brother that doesn't care for boy bands and would rather play capture the flag with his buddies. The problem is I have to pull the party trigger ASAP, and I just don't know if I have the strength.

Part of me wants to give the other parents a break from yet another party to drive to, but the kids would never forgive me. Plus, it would be more about giving myself a break. Maybe I'm trying to avoid breaking the promise I made my tween daughter that she could have her own party this year. She'll just have to understand that I'm not up to planning TWO parties, so she'll have to deal with just the one party one last time.

Life was a lot simpler when I could just RSVP "Will Attend" to all those lovely summer weddings.