New Year, New Commitments #CommitToYou

Happy New Year! 

Happy Resolution Season!

We start out the year excited about a fresh start... a new beginning... a chance to wipe the slate clean and do things better. We espouse our resolutions to lose weight or get a new job or eat healthier or meet the love of our lives and we swear by all that is good that it WILL happen THIS YEAR!

But by Valentine's Day, those resolutions become words we wish we could take back because it's just so much easier to keep living the way we've been living. Somewhere in the back of our minds is a nagging voice to remind us that we shouldn't bother trying.

Don't do that this year!

This year, let's get rid of the word resolution. Resolutions are things we have been conditioned to toss out and forget about. And all around us are people who will empathize, because they've done the same.

This year, let's call it a commitment. Let's not just resolve to forget about a personal promise. Let's COMMIT to change!

Commit to Start

No matter how many times you've started and stopped before, START AGAIN! Write the list of changes you want to make and COMMIT to them! Picture yourself making those changes and becoming the person that does the things you want to start doing. Better yet, create a Vision Board of your commitments. Want to run daily? Eat better? Get into a good relationship? Tear through old magazines and cut out images that represent those new commitments and tack them up on a poster board. Put that poster board where you will see it every day. Take a picture of it with your phone and make that your screen saver.

Commit to Continue

Were there some changes you started last year that sort of wavered by the end of the year? Don't consider those as broken resolutions. You just hit the snooze button a few too many times, but you can get up and get back to it now! If you were getting in good shape but your regular workout routine got derailed, get back on it! Or maybe you resolved to take some art or cooking classes. You had all the information you needed, filled out applications, met with an instructor... but you never quite finished the process. Pick it back up now! It's not too late to recommit!

Commit to Self-Care

Of all the things that I wish I did more of last year, it was this. I didn't give myself enough time to meditate or have alone time. If you're like me, you keep piling things on, saying "I can handle it" when you should say, "Is this something I should be doing? Will this serve me or take me away from my goals?" By October, I was really feeling it. I was tired and cranky and way off track. My attitude towards myself was beginning to sour.

I finally had an attitude adjustment at a conference in December when I asked a speaker a question about feeling frustrated that others were doing the things that I set out to do. She simply said that this wasn't about how I felt about others but how I felt about me. I realized that I was frustrated with others because it was a reminder to myself that I had let self-doubt take over and rather than say no to the things that did not serve me, I let that busy-ness to be an excuse for being too busy to get to the things I had promised myself. That was a huge revelation to me.

So what am I going to do about that this year? I'm going to repeat my mantra:

When you begin to doubt your commitments or let busy work crowd your mind, it's good to have a mantra that will get you back to center. Not familiar with mantras? A mantra is a saying or personal affirmation that you repeat to yourself as a reminder to help you get beck on track. Not sure what your mantra should be? Gaiam has a quick little quiz to find your own mantra for 2015.

If getting in shape is one of your personal commitments this year, you might want to check out this special offer from MyYoga on Gaiam TV right now. You can get a full month of yoga for just 99¢! It's a great way to try out all the different videos they offer, as well as read through their library of articles to help you keep your commitments for mind, body, and heart.

Here's to a great 2015 and beyond!