Packing Light with My Lumia 2520 and Power Keyboard

Now that Mr. Jones is flying out of an airport north of Los Angeles, we made the tough decision to move out of Ensenada and back to Oceanside. The initial plan was to live in Ensenada for a year and it was exactly that. Little consolation when you want to live on the sand in Mexico. Such is life...

Moving is a hassle, but it's even tougher to do with one vehicle and some writing assignments that take you out of town. I've had to force myself to simplify and pack as lightly as possible for any kind of trips back to the Mexico house or on the road. I shocked myself the other day when I packed for a three day trip to Portland in ONE bag. Having the right equipment makes that possible.

Three things I used to pack light for my trip:

1) Experience - There was a time when I thought it was essential to pack three pairs of shoes and five days worth of clothes (day AND night), plus everything I used at home in the morning to get ready. I always end up regretting the amount of stuff I packed and didn't need. Combining my outfits (tops/bottoms/shoes) and bringing only items that are absolutely necessary (my Nerium AD, of course) is easy to do after enough overpacking fails.

Travel Tip: What you wear on the flight helps in getting in and out of security faster, but it also helps to layer some items you'll want to use later or a cute pair of chunky shoes that slip on and off but may not necessarily fit in a bag.

2) My LowePro Bag -

I bought this bag to be my laptop and camera bag for my last trip to Portland and have been using it for work and travel ever since. It was advertised as not only being a great camera bag, but also perfect for packing a weekend's worth of clothes for a quick getaway. I scoffed -- chortled, even -- at the thought of packing three days worth of stuff into one shoulder bag. I figured the people that used this bag for trips only packed a bathing suit and some sandals. But they weren't kidding and, once I unzipped the side expandable section open, I was able to pack for my media trip, dinners, track days, and all. The large, deep side pockets and bonus "kangaroo pouch" on one end held three devices (including my Lumia Icon) and cables. The third item that saved me from over packing...

3) My Nokia Lumia 2520 and Power Keyboard -

I LOVE this thing. Well, these things. The Lumia 2520 is a Windows based touch pad that syncs perfectly with my Lumia Icon and the HP Envy Touchscreen laptop. (I love Apple, but I don't want to spend $2,000 on a laptop.) Because all of my information is already synced through my Microsoft account, I was able to leave the full sized laptop at home and carry this in hand, allowing me the room I needed to pack the essentials.

Because the Lumia 2520 has a 10.1”, bright, Full HD display with 4G LTE connectivity and super-fast charging, it's a great option for working on-the-go. And it securely clicks and locks into the Power Keyboard, so that when I'm careening through a terminal trying to get to my flight and my case accidentally flips open, I won't have to worry about it falling out.

The Power Keyboard plays a dual role. It wraps around my 2520 to keep it protected AND the case itself is a battery pack, extending the time I can be working (or shopping for cute shoes online) on-the-go. The 2520 draws power from the Power Keyboard first before using its own power, so if I needed to pop it out of the case (for whatever crazy reason), I would still be able to power the tablet up without worry.

BONUS... the Power Keyboard has two USB plug-ins in the back!

Almost Done

So now that I'm back from Portland and now that we've been able to get the big pieces of furniture out of the house in Ensenada, we can finish the moving. We're almost done cleaning out the house, but I find myself lingering. It's been hard to leave. That place was the serenity we needed at a pretty tough time in our lives. I'm headed down there again right now for one final weekend of cleaning out before doing our final walk through with the agent. It's good to know I can have my Lumia 2520 and Power Keyboard tucked neatly in my LowePro bag to keep me efficiently in touch with "El Otro Lado" while I'm wrapping things up down in Mexico.


Thanks to Verizon and Microsoft for the Lumia 2520 and Power Keyboard!