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There's a whole lot of yelling going on on the interwebs right now.

Maybe there's some truth to an opinion that we're not ready to accept. Or something was said in a really crappy way. Or someone got offended at someone else's idea of funny.  Whatever it is, people seem to be primed for an argument.

I think we all need to chill out and get a little perspective. There are plenty of other worries in the world to concern ourselves with. It's noble to want to stand up for a friend, but there's no reason to cross the line into bullying the opposing point of view. While I will call bullshit on anyone starting a statement with, "Not to be judgy," and then proceeding to be judgy, I don't think it serves any of us, professionally or personally to jump into the fray. Everyone has the right to their opinion. We can either keep stirring the pot or not.

At any rate, this quote from Anais Nin floated through my mind and I decided that my part in the conversation would be to share it.

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