No recycling in our neighborhood... yet another thing about living in Mexico that we have to get used to. Being someone that is used to having a separate receptacle for glass, plastic, cardboard, newspaper, etc., this situation sent me into some serious hand-wringing fits trying to figure out a solution.

Then I noticed how others were doing it. 

It was early in the morning. Neighbors were handing people bags of items as they walked up the street, or they had already left separate bags out the night before, off to the side, far enough away to not get taken with the garbage. Great idea, I thought! So I held my recycle items in an egg crate in the garage and waited until the night before trash day.

Before I put them out, I found a woman going through my trash. She looked startled when I walked up on her... as startled as I was, I suppose. I told her that I had my recyclables in the garage and had her wait while I went to get them. She thanked me and smiled and went on to collect more items.

This has happened a few times since then. A few people have come by on other days of the week asking for recyclables. They call into the house from the front gate and I come out with my box of glass and plastic. Ocassionally, they ask for a glass of water, which I'm happy to oblige. 

We could always just toss everything into the garbage can and let them rifle through it at night or in the early morning hours, but there's something more dignified and co-op-y about handing another person your items.

There is no recycling in our neighborhood.

There's just people helping people.