Reset Button

For reasons beyond our control, we had to hit a major reset button in our lives. It's at once exciting and frightening. Some days, I sit on the deck under my umbrella and wish that we could just keep things the way they are.

Where we live. Where the kids go to school. Where we go to church. Everything.

My husband and his business partner closed up shop recently. When I heard the news, I wasn't surprised. I knew it would be hard on my husband because he had worked so hard. Unfortunately, the tide was against them. Since then, we've looked at so many directions that we can go. Everything is up in the air, and as much as I try to stay calm and positive about it all, I'm a little nervous. I don't want things to be different.

Well... I do and I don't. 

The truth is that when my husband came home and confirmed what we already knew was coming, I got a little giddy inside. Not about the financial issues we were about to face (holy crap, that has NOT been easy), but about being set free from having to stay in this area forever. Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful areas of the country you could ever be lucky enough to live in. But I keep wondering what else is out there that we are missing out on. 

With this reset, we've got a few choices.

One choice is to stay where we are. We know this area. We know so many people. Everywhere we go, we run into someone we know. It's comforting. It would be so easy to stay with what is familiar just for the sake of security. And as much as I long for that security, I feel like we can always return to this sweet little slice of the world, so what have we got to lose?

Our other choices are a bit more adventurous and ones we are sort of keeping under wraps until we know more what we're doing. As much as it excites me to follow that story line, I sometimes allow fear to set in. I wake up in a panic about everything that we have to do and everything that could go wrong. I'm a freaking BASKET CASE! But then I calm down and ask myself, "Why not? What have we got to lose?"

The reset button has been pushed... whether we liked it or not... we've been given an opportunity to fly. Here's hoping we make the most of it.