Road Trip for a Cause with HerHighway

"We need someone low drama and low maintenance, so we thought of you." I'm not even kidding. That was how the conversation went when I was asked to join the HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness cross country drive this month. I was so excited to be part of the trip for several reasons. I love a good road trip. There's nothing like a long, open road, calling to me... random adventures to be had along the way. I was also excited to hang out with several of the ladies on the trip that I had never met. But the best part was the fact that we were doing this drive to raise funds for breast cancer research.

There's a very good reason that Her Highway created this drive. Christina Selter, Editor in Chief of Her Highway, has been personally touched by cancer. Not only did she lose a close family member to the disease, she is currently fighting her own battle at this very moment. In fact, Christina took a turn for the worse recently and our trip has shifted a bit.

The So Cal ladies are still going on a road trip, but it's going to be a quick one. The Her Highway team is working on a few other possible regional road trips to happen throughout the country, as well as some local events. When those are inked, I'll let you know all about them. For now, ten of us are meeting in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow and heading out to Vegas to Exotics Racing School.

I hope you follow along on this adventure, but more than that, I hope you take a moment to read more about Christina and personal fight. And if you feel it in your heart, to donate to Her Highway's fundraising efforts, great.

And if you're a woman, this is a great time to make sure your boobs are healthy.

Disclosure: Kia Motors is providing cars for our drive out to Las Vegas and the nice people at Exotics Racing School are hosting us for the day.