Creating Space for a New Year

As 2012 comes to a close, I'm looking around the house and deep in my heart for things to remove from my life... creating space for all the good that will come in 2013. I used to try to get "more organized" every year, but sometimes, I would go beyond finding a place for everything and be bitten with a strange madness. I'd become compulsive about boxing, filing, and labeling and never really got to getting much of anything done. Some might call that avoidance behavior. They might be right. I turned a constructive act (getting my house in order) into a destructive act (avoiding what I really needed to be doing).

Now, my New Year starts with creating space, both mental and physical. Out with the old. In with the new. A simple concept, really. Creating space is a practice that opens us up to new opportunities and blessings in life, but it's important to be mindful about what you will be accepting into that space. Nature hates a vacuum, so naturally, space will be filled with something. So part of my space creating practice includes releasing my disappointments for what didn't happen the prior year, being grateful for the blessings that did come into my life, and deep meditation and prayer for everything I'm desiring to fill this newly created space with.

It's also important to create physical space to accept the gifts that the Universe brings to our lives. Where will you put the gifts that come if your home is filled with crap? Time needs clearing, too. If your calendar is cluttered with a whole lot of nothing, you might have to pass up on a great opportunity. Just as important is releasing the mental and physical clutter of life that can weigh us down over time. Imagine ruminating over regret as a possible life partner stands before you, but you're blind to that because of the fog of the past. Creating space on a regular basis is important to sweep away the regrets and bad habits of the past before they hinder our lives.

I was reminded of how much clutter I'd released from my life of when I was recently reunited with several distant cousins. We hadn't seen each other in nearly 20 years. I had to dig in my memory for some of the things that we talked about. My life wasn't easy at the time, but I stopped dwelling on the regrets a few years back. I wanted to move on with a new attitude and create an abundant life. It worked! Now, I can look at those "bad" times as a rough learning curve. Not a lot of it hurts any more... less than I could count on one hand. But none of those things is holding me back from living in a way that honors the gift of the one and only life that I've been given.

This year, along with creating space on my calendar and in my mind, I'm creating space in my schedule for the simple act of... Creating! I'm creating more space in the garden for more leafy greens. More space on the calendar for special projects. More space for capturing beautiful things with my Canon (and the new lens Santa brought me).

I'm not sure what wonderful bounty I'll receive this year or who will be part of the fun, but I'm excited to see what life has in store!

Here's to the blessings, trials, and lessons of 2012
and to all that 2013 will bring!