Chasing Rabbits

I'm working from home today. It's sunny and warm out, so I have all of the french doors open. I've parked myself in the cooler back room with some piano music to keep me company. Just now, something jumped at the corner of my eye, so I looked up from my laptop and spotted a rabbit jumping across the grass just outside the open door. Naturally, I had to chase it.

Grabbing my iPhone and making sure to take quiet steps, I followed it, hoping to snap a shot. Unfortunately, the rabbit was better at hopping than than I am at stepping quietly. Since I was already outside, I started walking around the flowers that have grown wild in the yard. From a distance, they just look like the daisies you see getting off the freeway, but I always marvel at how, up close, every single one of them is so unique.

Aren't those pretty?

While I was walking and snapping daisies, a yellow butterfly flew by. I chased that butterfly a little further down the path and found an orange butterfly. I was about to take a picture of them, but they do what butterflies do and fluttered away. But I still had bees to see. They were in the yellow flowers, having breakfast, not even seeing me. When I got too warm from the sun, I walked back up the path towards the house.

Then I saw all the succulents that haven't been watered this week.

And the deck and patio needed some sweeping.

And the windows were all fingerprinty.

Then a lizard came by...

so I chased it.

THIS is why I have an office.