I'm a Netflix Nut

I've been smiling a lot more lately. No, it's not all the *ahem* ...

I've told you guys before that I gave up cable TV. Some of you thought it was very progressive of me. Others told me they could never do it, but good for me.

Well, the truth is, I had my cable shut off for an unpaid bill. By the time I paid it, I was used to the unTV lifestyle. In fact, I could feel some of my brain cells growing back. Shows that I used to watch religiously suddenly became repulsive to me. You know, like The Real Housewives of Hell.

It was a relief to break the habit.

But, I'm also not some awesome hippy that can live without TV. I've been dying without witty, intelligent, smart, and snarky entertainment. So as soon as I was able to run cable Internet again (you know, after I paid my bill), I hooked my Wii up on-line and loaded Netflix on.

And oh my gooses, I have been sooooo entertained!!

There are so many movies that I hadn't seen. There were also shows I hadn't watched while they were on the air. There are a few shows and movies that we've been enjoying as a family, too. The bonus there is that my kids aren't subjected to ads between scenes, and I'm not being annoyed to death about a toy or a juice-like liquid that they HAVE to have!

It's all very wonderful... except for one thing...

I don't get to watch TV with my Tweeps.

I used to park my butt on the couch with my laptop on my lap so that I could "talk" to other friends on Twitter while watching the same show. I watch others on Twitter chatting up shows together and I feel a little twinge of sadness. What can I say? I'm a very social person! So, I talked to some Twitter friends and we thought it might be fun to all get on Netflix and pick a movie or show to watch together. Maybe weekly. We'll call it:


I told you I'm a Netflix Nut!!


Any movie suggestions?