Vote for Anissa!!

I remember the night so vividly. Sondra called to say, "Did you hear about Anissa?" The tone of her voice made me stop cold. I sat down on the couch and grabbed my laptop to see what was happening. Before I could read the updates, Sondra told me about Anissa's stroke.

I can't tell you how shaken I was. I didn't realize, until that moment, what Anissa meant to me. How much I looked forward to seeing her at the conferences and parties. How deeply I admired her for her boldness about cancer and advocating for her daughter and family.

There was so much sadness in the blogosphere around that time. I was sure I would be buying a plane ticket to go to my friend's funeral. All I could do was cry and rock myself on the couch. I woke up with puffy eyes, just like so many of us the next morning. We searched for updates... any sign of good news...

The news was bleak.

Once the s-storm died down, Peter began keeping us up to date on Anissa's condition on the blog that had once been Anissa's diary of her daughter's cancer and recovery. As the days... then weeks... then months wore on, we had more and more hope that Anissa would live.

But would she still be our Anissa?

Fast forward to today.

That sexy beast is every bit as sharp and hilarious as before. She's in a wheelchair most of the time now, but she'll still take an inappropriate picture with you and like it! The last few times I've talked to her on conference calls, her speech patterns are stronger and stronger. It's amazing to see and hear her now after those early days.

I'm crying for a different reason now.

I'm crying because I am so in awe of this chick. She has shown us all what a strong woman is... what a woman of courage looks like. With every snarky tweet and raw, emotional blog post, she inspires us to go after what it is we came to do, who we are supposed to be, and live the life we were meant to live.

And in between all that, she runs a kick ass community blog and throws a killer party.

It's really not surprising to me that she's up for a most auspicious award over at Babble: The Moms Who Are Changing Your World. Anissa is a "Mominee" under the Inspirational category. (And you thought the word Mom hadn't been overused enough... pssshhhh!!) If I could stuff the ballots, I totally would. But that would be wrong. Except in Chicago. But I'm in San Diego... so instead of cheating, I figured I'd just tell you all that she's up for this award and you could go vote for her, or something.

Voting is really simple. Even a caveman could do it! All you have to do is go to her "Mominee" page by clicking this link: Inspirational Anissa. You'll see this:

To vote for her, just click on the LIKE button. That's assuming you feel that she deserves your vote, which, hellooooo... haven't you been listening?


Okay, so umm... go!

Thanks. K. Bye.