My New Obsession with Lunch

Six months ago, I took on a client that sells bento style lunch boxes for kids and adults. My job was to share content, engage with fans and influencers, and grow awareness of the brand. I thought there would be plenty of user pics to share, but after about two weeks, I had to get cracking on making my own lunches to post.

Bento Lunch Box Meal - Chicken Cucumber Rolls

My first attempts were not very creative, but they were still good. It's hard to come up with new lunch ideas every day, so I started taking a look at what other lunch-a-holics were posting and found some really great ideas. That's when I fell deep into the world of making lunches. 

Bento Lunch Box - Chicken on Rice Noodles with Rainbow Salad

I started waking up thinking about lunch. Every day, I'd head out to Trader Joe's or Sprouts... some days both... looking for items to put in the lunch boxes. Sometimes I knew what I wanted. Other days, I'd wander through the aisles, seemingly lost, but really, I was just looking for sizes that would fit in compartments and colors of food that would coordinate. Soon enough, I started making some pretty sweet lunches. 

Bento Lunc Boxes - Mommy and Me Picnic

Making lunches to post on Instagram has made for a great exercise in meal creation and photography.  I like to focus more on the nutritional value of the food than making anything super cute, but I do like to make sure the food is presented beautifully and that the colors balance. In a few of the meals, you'll see that I've thrown in some fun little cut outs, but I haven't really done much as far as making food art. 

This tray pops out of the BentgoKids lunch box. Easy clean up and fun for at-home meals.

This tray pops out of the BentgoKids lunch box. Easy clean up and fun for at-home meals.

I've been posting my lunch creations, some for myself and some for the kids, at least three times a week since then. After so many lunches, I've learned a few lessons along the way:  

  • Blackberries are a bitch to photograph.
  • Green eggs are simple to make and fun to eat. 
  • Spiralizing your veggies make kids think they taste better. 
  • Always restrain your dog before setting up your food to shoot.
  • You can really fill up on portion-controlled meals, if you pack really good food.

Needless to say, I'm really enjoying this part of my job. 

Want your own lunch box?

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Click to buy a Bentgo Kids Lunch Box

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