How I Got Blown... and Loved It!

This evening, I was catching up on uploading pictures of myself to Facebook. I was so far behind, I was in real danger of losing my narcissist card! One picture got a huge response:

As flattered as I was about all the kind words, I was bummed that I never posted about my experience at The Dry Bar. And what an experience it was! The whole idea behind the store is: No cuts. No color. Just blow outs. The feel you get when you walk in is fresh and fun! The shampoo was such a relaxing experience with the addition of a "floater" (10-minute scalp massage), after which I was lead to my seat and turned away from the mirror (they turn you around at the end for "the big reveal") and towards the bar where I was offered snacks and drinks and got to watch a chick flick on the TV with closed captioning (too noisy to hear over all the blowdrying).

I went through a menu of blow outs, all named after drinks, and chose the casual, free flowing look of The Cosmopolitan. Two days after my blow out, I was still rocking some beautiful curls! My complimentary blow out was done by the owner (and powerhouse) behind The Dry Bar, Alli Webb. I have to apologize to her. I meant to post this video way back then, but someone suggested I do a little voice over... and then I caught a cold and lost my voice. Anyway... four months later, here it finally is.

Warning: After seeing me get blown, you might want to get a blow job, too!

Blow outs are only $35, and they also offer memberships, cleverly referred to as Bar Tabs. With several locations here in San Diego, we got really lucky. The Dry Bar is opening salons all over the country, most recently in Plano, TX. Check out their Facebook page to see if there's a location near you.

Here's hoping you get lucky!