So... What do you DO?

Eventually, all conversations lead to the question, "What do you do?" It's not an easy question for a blogger to answer when among the uninitiated. I always want to put another title out there so that I don't get labeled in someone's mind before they get to really know me. I want them to think that I'm fabulous, not that I live in my mom's basement and wear sweats all day. Well... I do wear sweats mostly all day, but that's not the point!

It's always a relief to be among other bloggers that don't ask that question. But last week, when I attended a San Diego Blogger gathering where everyone in the group understands that we're not writing a bunch of crap from a basement, I still found myself answering that question but on a deeper level. Since there were plenty of new bloggers at the meet up that were not yet aware of my fabulosity (said with only the slightest touch of sarcasm), I had to answer THIS question a lot:

What do you blog about?

It's an awkward question for a lifestyle blogger to answer because we can blog about whatever we want. Sometimes, we'll throw in the names of companies we've done campaigns for just for street cred (and to elicit ooohs and aaaahhhs), but they still want to know what we actually do to merit such campaigns.

Since bloggers love to take lots of pretty pictures, I thought I'd answer the question visually.

We share our food... on Facebook. Sexy Roll - sushi


We go to awesome grocery store openings. Whole Foods Del Mar preview night


We get to play games. Nintendo WiiU


We show off our shopping finds. Turquoise Earrings


Some of us homeschool our kids at local cafes. Classroom at the Cafe


We share restaurants with fellow foodies. Soleil interior


We try to keep our kids entertained. Kids on Trampoline


We eat cupcakes. LOTS and LOTS of cupcakes. Pretty Vanilla Cupcake


And every now and then, we actually blog. Sugar Jones hand on keyboard

 So yeah. That's what a fabulous lifestyle blogger does.



All images captured and shared with the new Samsung Galaxy Camera, connected on Verizon Wireless.

I received a complimentary Samsung Galaxy Camera as part of a Verizon Wireless campaign.

It's what I do.