Halloween Ring Tones and Wallpaper to Jumpstart the Spooky Spirit

Last weekend resulted in a plethora of pictures from several costume parties that my on-line friends attended, which reminded me... 


I've been so busy trying to stay on top of deadlines and my kids' school work, not to mention more traveling "home" to San Diego than I really expected to be doing. But even so, you'd think I'd have remembered it was Halloween with all the spooky decorations. Sadly, I haven't seen much in the way of mummies and witches on people's porches. Not only am I not in the Halloween Spirit, I have yet to get the kids' costumes. 

Yep... I'm lagging. 

Zombie Cell Phone

I feel like I need to jumpstart my Halloween Spirit. I need to get my spooky on.

Maybe these ring tones from ZEdge might help...

 Howling Storm

Creepy Ghost

Eerie Organ

Halloween Shelf


Zombie Hands

Which one's your favorite?