Lucky Girl

"Did you just walk under that ladder?" My daughter turned back to me, tilted her head to the side, wrinkled her nose, and did that thing with her brows that her dad does when he's confused about how to answer me.

"Ummm... yeah?"

"It's bad luck," I said as I went to walk around the ladder.

Quick as a whip, she responded, "Oh, well I'm not superstitious, so I'm okay," and turned back to follow her brother along the walkway.

I stopped and thought about that. She's not superstitious, so the luck/bad luck thing has no effect on her. I had to pat myself on the back (even as I walked around the ladder on the way back) for making it a point to not infect my children's minds with all the ways one could attract bad luck. She opens umbrellas indoors and is oblivious to what a broken mirror portends. She doesn't get nervous around black cats. Well, especially since a black cat was the first pet she ever had. Yep, Snowball. (My mom, being one of the most superstitious people in the world, thought that we got Snowball to keep her away. I will never admit to her that it might have crossed my mind.)

While my daughter is confidently strolling through life without any superstitions looming over her head, I've still got some anxieties about spilling salt or dropping brooms. So, just to show me how silly I am about those ridiculous beliefs, my daughter, the one that walked under a ladder just two days ago, went to her cheer competition yesterday and she and her team won FIRST PLACE!!! Now they're going to Florida for FINALS! Luckily, her dad has a bajillion points for airlines and hotels, so we can actually send her! How lucky is that?

I'm so happy for my little girl! She and her team and the coaches have worked so hard!  I know the girls will do great, not because they believe in luck, but because they DO believe in practice.

Congrats, Sweetie!!

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it." ~Thomas Jefferson

"Luck favors the prepared." ~Edna Mode