Turning Cheeseburgers into Chili: Tasty Recipe from Sunny Anderson and Extended Stay America

Traveling can be fun, but eating on the road isn't always a delight. Either you spend too much on a sit down meal, or you end up eating the same old fast food for dinner. Wouldn't it be nice to land at your hotel and have a nice warm meal that's easy to make? If you stay at an Extended Stay America, you can do that in their mini kitchens!

Sunny Anderson and Extended Stay America have put together a few recipes for travelers that are weary of eating the same old thing on the road. By jazzing up ordinary convenience food, you can have a really nice meal.

I put together one of the recipes in our home away from home: my mom's house. I grabbed a few burgers from In-N-Out. I had them put the spread and the cheese slices on the side, which most fast food restaurants can accommodate. Then, I stopped at a 7-Eleven in the adjacent parking lot for a couple more ingredients.

Cheeseburge to Chilii Ingredients

I had some beans on me. I mean, I'm Mexican. I should have beans on me at all times, right? Just kidding. Sort of.

Beans Beans

Then I deconstructed the burger into all of its parts and chopped or sliced into pieces. The lettuce I left as is and the bread I cut up into crouton sized bits for toasting later.

Five Easy Pieces
Deconstructed Cheeseburger.jpg

Start by heating a little bit of oil into a medium sized pot.

Start with Oil

Next, add the chopped hamburger patties.

Add Chopped Cheeseburger Patties

After that, add the salsa and beans.

Add Beans and Salsa

Let that simmer for about five minutes. While that's simmering, put the chopped up buns in the oven to toast for croutons

Chili Simmering
Toast Buns for Croutons

Then add the tomatoes and onions.

Add Tomatoes.jpg
Add Onions

Stir that around for a few more minutes. Top with cheese and croutons (and a little sour cream, if you've got it), and voila! You have a warm and tasty bowl of chili to chow down on!

Sugar with Cheeseburger Chili

And, of course, serve with a side of Frito's. Because it's just not the same without them!

Kids Eating Chili

By the way... my son who was mad that we weren't eating the burgers right away later said, "That chili was WAY better than having burgers!"


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