The Quick and Clean Diet

Every year we vow to shed that holiday weight and pray the diet sticks. We make ourselves crazy trying, losing mental and physical energy the whole time... and by February, we give up and stuff ourselves full of Valentine's Day cupcakes. Well, maybe not ALL of us. Just us crazier ones. ;)

The Quick and Clean Diet by Dari Alexander will not only keep you from those cupcakes, but it will keep you eating right, AND you'll feel more energized than ever.

The Trick to Dieting

There are plenty of little tricks we can employ to help us in our diets. Drink more water, post pictures of your naked self on the fridge, hang a pair of skinny jeans in your room where you can see them, and on and on. But the real trick to dieting is far simpler than that. It's to feel good about yourself. But sometimes we get caught up in the numbers: calories, pounds, dress sizes, and the worst one... dates! Here's how a crazy conversations in your head might go:

"I need to lose X amount of pounds to fit in a size X skinny jean by X date by only eating X calories... or I'm a loser."

Dari Alexander has some saner advice in her new book, The Quick and Clean Diet.

Dari Alexander Quick Clean Diet

Dari Alexander Quick Clean Diet

Dari Alexander is not only a news anchor, but also a top journalist and hard working mother. Do you think she might need to look good and maintain a healthy level of energy? Oh yeah! In her new book, Ms. Alexander gives you a healthier way to achieve the fit body you’ve always envisioned.

The Three Levels of the Diet

High Motivation: This is where you get your mental momentum. High Motivation is where you quickly lose weight, limit and control your cravings, and shrink your stomach. After three days you will be well on your way to a better looking you!

Grounding: This is the next level of weight loss, according to Dari Alexander. Grounding is where you experience more weight loss while introducing yourself to whole grains, lean proteins, and good fats.

Stability: This is the most important level, in my opinion. Stability is where you evolve and develop into a healthy eating, living being.

With the Quick and Clean diet, you will still enjoy food... LOTS of it. Expect to eat lots of chicken, turkey and fish while staying away from pre-packaged, frozen, refined foods.

The Quick and Clean Diet isn't just a new fad or the latest Hollywood Diet. It's a better, cleaner way to eat, and all around healthier way to live. The book fundamentally changes the way you go about your daily life. It truly inspires a life-long healthy mindset. 

Stop hating diets and start loving this cleaner way of eating. Get your copy now:

The Quick & Clean Diet: Lose the Weight, Feel Great, and Stay Lean for Life

PS: Dari Alexander will be talking about The Quick and Clean Diet on Dr. Oz TODAY!