Creativity is Messy

My son's room is always a mess. Every time I look into his room, I see two things: 1) clothes, and 2) Legos. Everywhere!

I once tried to organize his Lego collection. We used clear tackle boxes and separated them by sizes, shapes, and colors. Eventually, however, my son's collection grew beyond any ability to capture all pieces and he began creating so many cool things that he couldn't bring himself to "destroy" them by putting them away. And I couldn't bring myself to be so heartless as to force the destruction of his creations.

So we got rid of the tiny boxes.

I found a long shallow storage box that would fit under his bed (and out of my view) for him to store his thousands of pieces in that could easily be shoved away, keeping the chaos once again contained, restoring my sanity.

I always know when he's creating. I hear the familiar sound coming from his room. It's the cascading-plastic-pieces sound, splashing around the shallow plastic storage box of a pool, dripping off of his little hands as he searches for unique shapes and random bits of color.

But sometimes, he can't find the pieces he really needs.

So now, in order to work on whatever project or projects his mind can imagine, he lays out little messy piles all. over. the. ground. *grrrrrr* We've tried to come up with neater solutions like containing them on boards, but they just spill over as he sorts through the pieces. His imagination eventually comes up with a new design out of the chaos, which is cool, but most days, the mess just drives me nuts. I call him to his room at least ten times a day to get him to clean it up. Sometimes he does. Most times, he just goes in there and makes a bigger mess.

And just before I throw all the pieces out, his mind comes up with a creation that is more art than toy. That's when I relax, smile, and remind myself that he's not messy.

He's just creative.

And creativity is messy.

Creativity cannot be contained. Nor should it be.

Here's to messy creativity and the artists that risk the Wrath of Mom.

Lego Phoenix

Lego Phoenix