The Search is On for Univision San Diego's Despierta Tech Host

Verizon Despierta Tech Audition San Diego

If only I spoke Spanish faster... I would TOTALLY audition for this gig. I mean, it's PERFECT for me! Except for the whole speaking-Spanish-faster thing. 

Univision San Diego and Verizon are looking for a tech expert to host the show, Despierta Tech, and Saturday, October 5th is the final day to audition!

Verizon will be training the winner on the latest tech that they offer, so a super deep knowledge of tech is not necessary. Besides all that amazing training, winners will receive a tablet, smart phone, and $2,500!! That's dollars, my friends. NOT pesos. ;) To register for an audition time, go to the Verizon Insider Despierta Tech page.

Verizon San Diego is located at: 5770 Ruffin Rd., San Diego, CA 92123

For those of you that habla, here's more information.