Texting: It Can Wait

"I sent one stupid, meaningless text..

and I killed a man."

Could this have been me? How many times was I checking a message rather than keeping my eyes and mind focused on the road ahead? How many times was a text so important as to put myself and those around me at harm?

I am so guilty of this. So guilty.

Sometimes, it gets so bad that I throw my phone away from myself because I keep floating out of my lane. I'm sure to the people behind me, I look like I'm drunk. It's ridiculous, really. Any incoming message, text, tweet, photo... whatever...

It CAN wait.

This short film is a much needed and sobering reminder to me. Maybe you could use the reminder, too. I hope you click over and watch it. If you have teens, you might want them to watch as well. Most of the drivers and victims in the film were teens. A few never made it to adulthood. Others did, but with serious repercussions.

VIDEO: The Last Text: AT&T Documentary


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