How to Keep Your Garden Healthy with Ladybugs

Did you know your garden needs ladybugs? It's true! Ladybugs are one of the most beneficial bugs you can have in your garden. They eat up aphids and other bugs that can wreak havoc on your blooms. 

The first thing you need to do is get some ladybugs. You can go to your local nursery or garden center. I got mine at Armstrong Garden Center in San Diego.

For the best results, release the ladybugs when it's still cool out, like early morning or late evening. If it's still warm out, pop them in the fridge for a few minutes. It's a completely harmless way to stun and slow the ladybugs down.

Water your plants and flowers to make the leaves and blooms stickier for the bugs. Plus, they're probably thirsty after all that time in the bag, so be a good host and give them a drink, huh?

Water Plants Before Ladybug Release

Clip open the side of the package, taking care not to accidentally clip a bug. Shake the bag up a little to get the ladybugs closer to the opening of the bag.

Ladybug Days - open packet

Pull leaves back to reveal the base of your plant. Release the ladybugs here. They'll find their way to the plant and crawl up the stem and get to work right away.

Releasing Ladybugs
Ladybug Released in Flower Pot
Ladybug on White Flower
Ladybugs on Leaves

If you're lucky, some of them will hang around a while and give you a little tickle.

Ladybug on Fingertip

Go to your local Armstrong Garden Center this weekend for Ladybug Days and pick up a free packet of these cute little spotted critters when you make any purchase.(while supplies last). While you're there, take advantage of their organic gardening classes and maybe pick up some beautiful blooms for your yard to celebrate Spring.

Have fun!