Step It Up

The first thing that suffers in a busy schedule -- for me, anyway -- is exercise. I was trying to get at least 10 miles of walking/jogging in a week. Shouldn't be hard to do, right? But the busier I got, the easier it was to I find reasons to put it off. It didn't help that my runners were falling apart at the seams and felt like flat tires under my aching feet. I also had to stay out of the sun from some skin treatments I've recently had done. The sunny weather we were having and the bad shoes were just enough of an excuse for me to pass on the walks more often than not.

Then I got a Striiv device and I realized I had become far too sedentary. Not only that, but my son was kicking my butt!

I gave my son the first Striiv device (given to me to review) to motivate him to walk and run more at school. The school my kids go to has a walking program that awards them with little colored charms on a plastic chain for every mile they walk, accumulated during their recesses. Great idea, but not much of a motivator for my son, unfortunately. But give him a little video game type device that rewards him with energy points to build his island... NOW your talking!

Then I got a second unit when I met the Striiv president, David Chang for lunch.

We talked about how my son had finally become active and that the Striiv device was the only thing that got him motivated. He told me that he hoped I found it just as motivating. I got home, charged it up, stuck it in my pocket, and waited for the points to start stacking up.

They didn't.

Apparently, I have become a whole lot less active than I thought I was. I can feel it, too. When I don't get my walks in, I'm grumpier, more tired, and, umm... fluffier. I've been pretty busy, I told myself. Then I reminded myself of all the times I probably could have snuck in a couple of miles before jumping on the computer or after eating dinner with the family. It wasn't until I saw my son's points that I really wanted to get moving. What can I say? My competitive spirit won out over my comfort and laziness. I bought a new pair of runners and got back out on the beach for my walks.

Here I am on my walk at the beach to tell you a little bit more about Striiv.

Did you catch that last part? I'm starting a virtual walking group! You don't HAVE to have a Striiv device to play along. Just a desire to step up your activity and to motivate others to do the same. And before you ask, the walking isn't virtual... it's just the group. ;)

If you want to join in my virtual walking group, follow along on Twitter: #StepItUp

I have to say, when I got the second device from David, the "fair" mom in me thought about giving it to my daughter. But I knew I needed a motivator and I knew I was just looking for an excuse to keep putting off the walks. So I was really glad to hear that they have a deal going on right now. I'm getting her a bundle that includes the device, a clip, key ring, and screen protectors for only $99 (normally $129). It's gonna make a pretty sweet Christmas gift!

If you need a little motivation and wouldn't mind giving back to your world with every step, get a Striiv device for yourself. And consider giving a device to those that you love that you want to give the gift of healthy living to.

PS: It's raining in San Diego right now, but that hasn't stopped my stepping. I've been wearing my device while I play Just Dance with my kids. :)