Romantic Retreat: Stay on a Sailboat in San Diego

Boat B&B Slipaway.jpg

Have you ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset? Sleeping out on the ocean? Living the life of a pirate in paradise?  But then your practical side pops up with all the reasons why it isn't practical.  

Still... something inside of you loves the idea of living on a sailboat if only for a moment. The romantic life at sea, wind in your sails, the mist of the sea spraying lightly on your face... sounds so blissfull, doesn't it?

Mr. Jones and I recently enjoyed a sweet sailboat sleepover on the beautiful Slipaway in San Diego Harbor (courtesy of Boat B&B). Take a look:

Mr. Jones and I brought our dinner for two on-board to enjoy in peace and quiet... something we don't get to do often enough with two active kids and a dog vying for our attention. We walked around the harbor and watched the sun set beyond the silhouettes of all the boats in the harbor.

The sailboat gently rocked us to sleep, but not being used to the sounds of living on a sailboat, I woke a few times in the night to the sounds of the motor and other boats. Admittedly, I'm a light sleeper. I think it's from years of raising kids. I highly recommend bringing earplugs if you suffer from the same affliction.

Waking up to the sounds of the ocean was a wonderful way to ease into the morning. We eventually rolled out of our comfy bed and into the galley, which was stocked with fresh fruits, yogurt, juice, and coffee. Delicious!


Boat B&B Continental Breakfast.jpg

While we were sipping our coffee, we devised a plan to buy our own sailboat to run away on. Plan A was to regularly play the lotto. Plan B was to forget about buying a sailboat and just book a few weekends back on the Slipaway. 

The Slipaway is just one of four boats that have been converted into Bed & Breakfast vessels. All boats offer state-of-the-art amenities, fully serviceable galleys, and plenty of topside space to enjoy a romantic dinner. Other boats have room for families to enjoy a unique stay while visiting San Diego attractions such as Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and our world class beaches. And for the full sailing experience, harbor captains are available for hire to take you out to experience the wind filling the sails.

Whether for a romantic escape with that special someone, a new place to hang out and entertain out-of-town friends, or a close place to stay after a concert at Humphrey's, Boat B&B is a great option.