A New Kind of Club Subscription

Go on line and you'll see any number of ads selling you on a subscription box. There are subscription boxes for clothes, toys, jewelry, snacks, make up, spices... pretty much anything that can ship in a box.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Stitch Fix and Dollar Shave Club. Having shaving supplies and toiletries automatically ship keeps me from scratching up my legs with dull blades, and it's always fun to open up a box of clothes that I never would have picked out because I'm an impatient shopper and stick to boring blacks and grays.

But now there's a new subscription box that has instantly become my new favorite. 

Riding high (sorry, I couldn't help myself) on the wave of recent medical marijuana laws, ClubM is looking to raise the bar when it comes to cannabis. Launching in -- where else -- California, ClubM is looking to create a high end culture around your favorite little weed.

The first thing you'll notice is the beautiful packaging. Unlike other subscription boxes that get tossed, ClubM's boxes are meant to be collected. Possibly even... dare I say... cherished. Well, at least put up on a shelf in some place of honor. The outside of the box is impressive with its binding and gold lettering. But what's really impressive is what's on the inside.

Not unlike other curated boxes, ClubM's boxes will have a monthly theme. Volume I, or the LoveBox, was curated in time for Valentine's Day. Besides all the goodies that my eyes were scanning, there was a sweet aroma that was anything but ganja. It was an inviting blend of oils, incense, and candles mixed with chocolates. Definitely a scent you could fall in love with.

The box is stuffed full of premium California cannabis products, including a vaporizer and two cartridges, cannabis candy cane flavored sweets, chocolates, premier pretzels, a cannabis-infused nutella-like spread called "Potella," and a cannabis-infused oil for, umm... well... sexy time. The value of the box is $200, but ClubM members get the box at the subscription rate of $97.

THAT is a pretty sweet deal! 

A subscription to Club M isn't for everyone. For starters, you have to live in California (for now) AND you have to have a "green card" making you eligible to purchase. If you're a go on both of those and you like to have a nice little surprise waiting for you on your doorstep once a month, then click over to ClubM to get started!

BONUS: If you have discerning friends that you'd like to invite to ClubM and you share your special link with them, you could be eligible for FREE boxes!