Sometimes... You Just Need a Typewriter

Every Christmas, I look forward to giving the kids their special present. We do things small at Casa Jones, sometimes out of necessity, but mostly because I'm just not one of those people that likes to stuff the Christmas tree. But this year, it was extra small out of necessity. That's just how things worked out. That's how life goes. 

Since I didn't have to do much last minute wrapping, I had more time to think about Christmas Eves past. There were some that I wanted to write about, but I didn't want anyone getting the idea that I wasn't grateful for getting through the year. It's been a rough one, but one that has landed us where I feel like we belong. I'm sure it still confuses other people so I just didn't want to send out the wrong message.

My mind kept returning to the news of one in our community who had been expecting his mom to arrive the night before, only to receive a call that she had tragically died in an accident on her way to see him and his young family. His story brought up so many memories of my own. So many people just… gone. People I don't ever get to see on Christmas Eve again. So many years have passed without them. It's hard to believe that you get to go one, but you do.

So many things were going through my mind as I sat in the quiet of the night. I felt the pull to release my memories and emotions through my fingertips on to a keyboard, but I just didn't want to blog about everything I was thinking and feeling. So I typed the words onto paper. It felt just as good. Better, in fact. There's just something about the hum of a machine that gives your mind the sound it needs to just be still. 

I'm so glad I bought that old machine. I remember how excited I was to find it and how giddy I was driving it home. My husband thought I was nuts. He still gives me a sideways glance whenever I move it around. His eyes say two things, "I can't believe you spent good money on that," and "Don't you have a laptop for that?"

And I give him a return glance that says two more things.

"Shut up," and

"Sometimes, you just need a typewriter."

Smith Corona Typewriter.jpg

Wrapping Up Another Year of Lessons

Yesterday was Locker Clean Out day for my middle schooler. After a year of waking up at the crack of dawn to drive her 10 miles to the nearest bus stop by 7am, we're all ready to unset our alarms and wake up with the sun.

The end of the school year is always a great time to reflect on the past year. The Joneses learned a lot this year. The kids learned academics and some new sports, and we adults learned a few things this year, as well.  

We learned that just because you have a lot of money and went to a good school, you may not be smart enough to go into business with. We learned that people who constantly pop buzz words into conversations don't know jack shit and they are to be avoided at all cost. We learned that bullies in the workplace need to be knocked down or taken out immediately or their behavior will fester and ruin a perfectly good business. We learned that very few people do well without constant supervision. But the best lesson of all is that we don't need to put up with a lot of bullshit in our lives in order to pay the bills.

Those lessons are burned in our minds now and will not soon be forgotten. As much as I'd like to do horrible things to the people that jacked up our plans this year, I've decided that the only way to pass the test is to move on.

What lessons did YOU learn this year?