Juice Up with Mophie + Giveaway

Remember in the old days when you had to stay plugged in to the wall and you had to choose between going out into the sun or working? Our mobile lives are second nature to us. We don't think twice about being able to work from the road with all the devices at our disposal.

Until, of course, we run out of juice. 

Suddenly, we're panicking, looking for an outlet as feverishly as Jesse looking to score on Breaking Bad.  You can hear your snarky friends saying "ABC... Always be charging!" You think about every opportunity you had to plug in but didn't because you're invincible and that extends to your devices and that arrogance just lead to that very moment where you are standing in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a train at a deserted location between a lumber yard and a grove of trees, and not being able to finish a post that you are half way through. (Okay, maybe that was ME, but you get it, right?)

Well, no need to get the sweaty face of junkie Jesse... Mophie is here to save your mobile behind!

mophie loves you j.jpg

Because Mophie loves you. And truth be told, I love my Mophie Juice Pack Power Station right back! So does my husband and my friends who were recently saved by the juicy goodness of the power station.


Mr. Jones saved by Mophie.jpg
Mophie saves Michelle in SD.jpg

And since Mophie probably loves all of you guys, too, I'm going to give you all a chance to win one! Just leave me a comment below and share this post on at least one of your favorite social channels. Winner will be chosen on Friday, June 21st. 

If you don't win or if you aren't patient enough to wait for the announcement next Friday, you can pick up your own Mophie Juice Pack Power Station. BONUS: They're on sale right now! Save $10 when you buy a Mophie Juice Pack Power Station during the month of June at your local Verizon store or order on-line

Good Luck!