First waking thought...

Eleven years.

Today, I'm remembering that morning and the days and years after.

I'm remembering holding my six month pregnant belly... the look of horror on my husband's face as he turned away from the news coverage to me... looking at my daughters and fearing for their future. For all of our futures.

I'm remembering news crews at work the next day. A former Vice President of our company was on Flight 93. He helped take back the plane that crashed in a field in Shanksville, PA. I didn't know him, but I think of him and his family every year. Tom Burnett. 38. Husband and father. Tom had called his wife that morning and told her,

"We're all going to die, but three of us are going to do something."

I'm remembering how we all came out from our homes to be neighbors to each other after the attacks... the candle light vigils that made way over the months to block parties... sitting around and getting to know each other. The guy from that one church. The sweet old lady at the end of the block. The motorcycle guys. The Lieutenant's wife, proud that her husband was serving. The kids that became best friends for life. All strangers once. All neighbors after.

I'm remembering, years later, the first time I visited NY. I was on a media tour for a beverage company. We had been eating and drinking for days. But the mood immediately turned somber as our group drove past Ground Zero. There were many countries represented on our tour bus, just as there were in the World Trade Center Towers and on the planes that day. We were all silent as we took in the site. It felt like the air had been sucked from the earth. The footage on TV was terrifying, but it never hit me how massive the 9/11 tragedy was until then.

I'm remembering all of it. Those first moments. The days and months after.

And how our lives changed forever eleven years ago today.


Blogworld Heads to New York!

I'm a huge fan of BlogWorld & New Media Expo. There's so much to learn, so many people to meet and see, and the parties... holla! This year, BlogWorld is leaving Las Vegas. I was a tad weepy about this news, but then I heard that the east coast stop would be in The Big Apple... my tears dried up in a New York Minute!

What is BlogWorld All About?

BlogWorld & New Media Expo is the world's largest blogging and social media conference, with more than 100 leading experts from all genres presenting educational sessions to attendees from 27 countries. This event isn't just about the education -- it's about networking and meeting other people, like you and me, who are passionate about blogging and new media.

I can tell you this is one blogging event you won't want to miss. Click here for a little overview of what BlogWorld is all about.

BlogWorld will be happening in New York at the end of the month: May 24th-26th to the Javits Center and I would LOVE to meet you there! Don't think you can afford it? Can you afford $25?

Can I Get a Discount?!!

That's right! You can snag a pass for just $25. The "Exhibits Only" pass is a great value and includes access to the tradeshow floor, the keynote presentations, and the evening networking mixers and parties. Just choose the pass titled "Exhibits Only", enter code BWNYSJ50 when you register, and you'll get 50% off the Exhibits Only pass.

Or…if you'd rather upgrade to a conference pass that includes all the great sessions and learning, choose from a 1-day up to a 3-day "Full Access" pass, and save 20% off any of those with code BWNYSJ20. This code will save you more than $250 off a Full Access pass!

Register online HERE.

BlogWorld Sessions and Speakers

I learned so much at the last BWE in Vegas. I got to hear from people who are knock-out successes in the on-line world; people I don't normally get to hear speak in other conferences. Not only did I get valuable tips and information, I also got my fire rekindled. It was inspiring to hear how so many struck out in their own way or used simple platforms to build a fantastic following.

Have you seen the schedule of sessions? There are so many tracks with so many different topics... Monetization, Personal Branding, Platforms & Apps, Mobile, Media, Content Creation... it's going to be hard choosing between them all!

If you want to get first look at special previews for the upcoming BlogWorld event, speaker announcements, networking party details and more, sign-up for updates HERE.

Ready to expand your thinking and add tools to your toolbox? You should definitely make plans to be in New York for BlogWorld.

Hope you take advantage of the discounts and see you in New York!

Peace, Love, and Sugar