Commit to Create

Last month, I moved into my new office. I've been looking for a space from where to work, not only because my teeny tiny cottage is too small and not only because working out of a coffee shop can be incredibly distracting... besides the obvious space and privacy issues, I needed to commit to moving forward on my business and life goals.

Being a creative person has its inherent problems. Number one is that ideating sometimes (as in, usually) turns into navel gazing or fits of distraction. Adding in some reality helps keep my feet on the ground while I find puffy animals in the wild shapes clouds make. In my case, committing to an actual space keeps me motivated to continue creating while staying serious about the business side of life. I also needed a central location to meet clients, host seminars, and teach workshops that best represented what I do.

It took me a while to find just the right space with the just the right vibe. I was looking for a co-working space for more creative types with a laid back feel to it. I found a few places, but the space wasn't right or too far or too... quiet. I'm NOT quiet. I also wanted a place that made me feel like creating. You just don't know a place is right until you walk into it. After a final shout for help on Twitter, I found out about CedrosWorks.

If you're not from San Diego, Cedros is a small street in Solana Beach, one block east of Coast Highway. The street is known for art and architecture and a funky vibe. On any given day, you can catch live music at The Belly Up, go shopping for unique furnishings at Solo, or munch on savory crepes at The Orange Blossom Cafe. CedrosWorks is a perfect fit for the area. Walking in, I knew I had found my new office. I was so excited that I called the owner right away. I screamed something about "I love you" and "I have to move in!" He still met with me after that, so that was a good sign.

Wanna see why I was so excited?

Yay! Very excited.

Now... I've got to get back to work!!