Keeping Pictures Private

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Wait, WHAT? Keep the pics private? Seems like a crazy thought coming from a blogger that loves to share nearly every waking moment, random thought, and morsel of food, huh? I mean, I'm the girl that posted this:

[caption id="attachment_1279" align="alignnone" width="147"] Sugar Hive[/caption]


And this:

[caption id="attachment_1280" align="alignnone" width="280"] Stupid Human Tricks[/caption]


And let's not forget this:

[caption id="attachment_1268" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Sugar Lick for Looney[/caption]


I have another picture of me after a tooth extraction, all drugged up with a mouth full of cotton, but I couldn't find it. If you happen to come across it, please email it to me. That sh*t was precious!!

Obviously, I'm not shy about sharing. So why am I talking about keeping pics private? Because there are lots of times that *gasp* I don't post pictures. I have boundaries about what goes out to the social streams for ever and ever amen.

I know, right?

So what do you do when you want to share photos of your cute kids or your sexy self without worrying that they'll end up all over the interwebz? Well, Warner Bros. is launching a new photosharing app called outmywindow that solves the problem of privacy, with a few added features that I think you're going to like.


With outmywindow, you have a more personal way to share and save your photos. You control who sees your albums and images. Tagged photos will not pop up on a public search. And the possibility of strangers pulling your private pictures off social sites for commercial use is nullified. That last one? Happens more often than you might think.

Native Resolution

With outmywindow, the quality of the image you took is retained. Most photo sites crunch the image, leaving you with a poor facsimile of the original picture. It's like listening to an MP3 recording when you really wanted to hear your favorite song on vinyl. It's the same song, but it's just not the same quality.

Watch this snazzy little video on outmywindow:

This app is currently available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod, as well as Google TV and Yahoo TV Widget. You can also launch it from the web.

The app is free up to 5GB. The premium service with more storage will cost $3.99 monthly or $26.99 annual (44% savings). With the premium option, you'll have unlimited storage!

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