Letting Go of the Old Stuff

We found a house in Mexico that would be big enough for our lives and all of our necessary stuff. It's not huge, but it is comfortable. Still, not wanting to carry too much with us until we see how our basic items fit, we grabbed a storage space to hold some of our things until we are properly settled.

The last time I rented a storage space, I ended up needing more than the original 10x10 space I had rented. I ended up needing an "overflow" space for the things I couldn't cram into the first space. And I'm like a Tetris GENIUS when it comes to storing and packing, so there was like, A LOT of stuff. Eventually, after a few return visits, I got rid of enough items to get everything into the one 10x10. Although I was bummed at that time, it felt good to get rid of things that I no longer needed.

Then, when I moved into my little cottage, I had really limited storage space. There wasn't a garage, only a small shed in the side yard, but that was for the bikes and boogie boards. I had some Gorilla Racks that I used to house about twelve storage boxes and then covered them, shabby chic style, with fabric. Those racks couldn't hold everything that wasn't already in the shed, so I had to get rid of more stuff. This purging was a bit more difficult. I remember being sad, but funny enough, I can't even remember what it was I was sad to let go of.

Now, in preparation for our move to Mexico, we are at the storage space stage again. Interestingly enough, we find ourselves with the opposite situation. We only rented a 10x5 space and it's probably not even going to get half full. And the things that are going in there are mostly precious memories from having four kids and forty three years of living. That stuff is NOT get-rid-able. Before anything goes into a box and then off to the storage space, we make sure that it's not something we can give away or live without. Lots of impulse buys haven't made it into the boxes and onto the storage space, but rather bequeathed to good friends. We're trying to be very realistic about what we hang on to, but there's less hand wringing this move. We've purged so much for so many years that we've started looking at this more clinically and less emotionally.

Don't go thinking we're cold robotic minimalist creatures. We've got our eyes on some more stuff! New stuff for our new life! Stuff we've been wanting to do but didn't have the financial breathing room to do. Stuff we can enjoy as a family. Stuff that is part of our new environment.

Like kayaks. 


A few Stand Up Paddle Boards. 

Stand Up Paddle Board.jpg

Maybe a pop-up tent. 

Pop Up Tent Trailer.jpg

And a Fishing Boat.

Offshore Sport Fishing Boat.jpg

Shit... we're going to need a bigger storage space.