In a few weeks, I'll be forty-three. Turning forty-three doesn't sound very exciting. Certainly not as auspicious as turning "the Big 4-0." But it actually is an important time in life.This is the year I finally emerge from my cocoon.


One of the most important stages in life is between the years of 34 and 43. (I go over this in detail in my Y.O.U. consultations.) It's a time in a person's life when he or she is in a cocoon-like state. There's a whole lot going on in this personal metamorphosis,  physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In an ideal scenario, one reaches the end of that time (around 43), ready to take all that they have learned about life, themselves, and their optimal environment, and emerges forward into their true self/calling/purpose.

That's not to say that you haven't racked up a ton of knowledge by your 30's. But knowledge is one thing... and wisdom is another. Thinking we've got it all figured out before 40 is a trap we catch ourselves in. But we have this expectation that we should have our shit together by then, because, well... we just should!

But if we're honest, we really don't have it figured out. We're just trying to keep it all together. And those nagging questions bring on feelings of shame if we aren't told the truth. Thankfully, right before my 40th birthday, I met some people that alerted me this metamorphic stage and responded to my confusion with:

"You're right on time."

That was a relief. That gave me the freedom to pull back from my own expectations of myself and figure some stuff out. I allowed myself to not have it all together at 40 and let life happen for the next few years as I decided what I wanted to do with my life. 

What Do I Want To Be When I Grown Up?

You might think that figuring out what you want to be at forty-three is silly. Shouldn't I have done that a long time ago? I ask myself this all the time. In my moments of self-doubt and bouts of depression, I beat myself up for not having a better response to "What do you do?" I want to say something responsible, and I feel like the things that make me happy sound flaky.

This, of course, is the fault of my parents. (Hey! If you can't blame your parents...)

I think back to all the fun I had in "irresponsible" jobs that my mom and dad shamed me out of. Who in their right mind thinks that a waitress is anything like a hooker? Just my completely intrusive parents who wanted to say that their daughter was doing ANYTHING other than waiting tables. They didn't care that I was enjoying the hospitality industry or that I had more free time to spend on the beach with my kids.

I think back to all the "responsible" careers I optimistically entered into only to feel walls closing in around me within a year, but staying, against my better judgment because I had a stupid five year plan and I had to freaking stick to the mother-freaking plan. Plus, I had that car payment... and the kids needed insurance... and I couldn't go back to waiting tables because my dad died thinking I was a hooker.

I eventually had to grow up and stop blaming my mom and dad.

That's when I hit the reset button.


I quit my last "responsible" job and vowed never to work in a cubicle or gray walled office ever again. I met a pilot and made him marry me and we had babies and I got to be a mom. Not that I hadn't already been a mom for 12 years already, but I hadn't really been able to enjoy my kids for years because of those stupid five year plans.

For most of the last 11 years, I've been able to be a mom first and do some other work to help pay the bills. I've been pulled in different directions, following waves of fun and opportunity. Most of it was good. I've also had the chance to do some personal exploration, learning about my true self and what I need to thrive, and for that I am incredibly grateful. 

It's Not a Mid-Life Crisis

When I talk to people about this time in life and my personal experiences, I sometimes get a wink and a nod and a "it's your mid-life crisis" as a way to explain my behavior. I love it when people say that. *sarcasm*

First of all, I'm planning to live to be like, a hundred and forty, so my "mid-life" isn't happening for like another 25 years or so. Second, and this is the part where I sometimes lose people, is there's no crisis when you're trying to figure out who you are. That's a GOOD thing! Can you imagine if we all lead the lives we were created for? In the cities that made our hearts sing? Doing the things that brought joy and happiness to us and everyone we met? How awesome would this world be? How is it a crisis to spend time understanding yourself? 

I realize that our world doesn't allow for much navel gazing. That's why I always enjoy giving people the results to their Y.O.U. assessment. It's like the Owner's Manual they never got for themselves. The assessment takes ten minutes, and my consultation is about 40 minutes, so in less than an hour, I can help a fellow traveler get back on course on this path of life. These assessments are also a great way to understand our relationships with spouses and children. Understanding ourselves and others leads to empathy and empathy leads to a life that's just a little sweeter. Hence the reason I named my practice "Live the Sweet Life." 

Clever, huh?

The Next Chapter

So yeah. I'll be forty-three soon... emerging into the next amazing chapter in life. I have a year of adventures planned. Actually, it's more outlined than planned. Nothing is set completely in stone. No need to get caught up in those five year plans again. No matter where I go or what I do, though, one thing is sure: I'll have my handy dandy Y.O.U. results to guide me.

Learn more about the Y.O.U. Assessment at Live the Sweet Life.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Warning... going deep today! We all have things that we're good at... things that comes naturally to us. We call those our strengths.

One of my favorite things about being a Certified YCG Practitioner is revealing people's strengths. I say "revealing" because we're not always taught to talk about our strengths, so we tend to bury them. We might have been told once that talking about strengths is impolite or bragging. And maybe, just to make sure we got the message, we were quickly instructed on our shortcomings.

While it's socially more acceptable to discuss how we can improve our weaknesses, we do ourselves a huge disservice. It's not bragging to talk about the things you're good at. When we identify our strengths, we're finding the optimal direction that our path in life can take us. It's a direction where our heart resonates, where our natural talents shine.

But we're too busy trying to fix our weaknesses to shine.

What we don't always realize is that our supposed weaknesses may be identifying things that are simply not authentic to our true nature. The weaknesses may not even be in our wheel house, yet we beat ourselves up trying to make it a strength! In our education and our work, we're often taught to force ourselves into assignments, evaluations, and job descriptions. We're graded on these "weaknesses" and taught to struggle to gain skills that are not authentically ours.

And then, we're even rewarded for the struggle... until we can't "overcome" it, at which time we're labeled a failure. It's crazy making!

But how can we have failed if we were doing something we're not even supposed to be doing?

One of the five elements I talk about with clients at Live the Sweet Life are Strengths and Weaknesses, but not in a way that you might be familiar with. The human assessment test, Y.O.U. (Your Own Understanding) reveals several inherent traits in each of us. Those traits can appear as a strength or a weakness, depending on the state of the person. Are they experiencing some toxicity? The trait will appear as a weakness. Are they feeding the areas of life that they naturally need fed? Their traits will appear as strengths.

If we understood ourselves and our natural traits better, we'd be able to not only identify what is authentic to us, but equally as important, what is NOT. We can focus on the activities where we shine, and we can learn to lead with those traits from a place of strength. Knowing how that trait shows up as a weakness (the opposite state of your strength), you can identify when things aren't quite lining up in your life and then go about fixing that, instead of focusing on activities that will drain you of your energy, taking you away from your true calling.

On Live the Sweet Life, I share a few examples of Strengths and Weaknesses and explain how they are really two sides of the same coin. I also offer a few examples of activities to get you out of that weakness funk.

And, as always, I invite you to take The Test for yourself.


Live the Sweet Life... NOW!

It's LIVE! My new site. My labor of love. My offering to the world.

Live the Sweet Life

What's it all about?

Live the Sweet Life is a site that promotes my Y.O.U. Consultation practice. For the past two years, I've been busy getting certified in a human assessment technology, The Ultimate Life Tool. It's like a personality test, but not really. This test is based on "The Knowledge of Y.O.U." and goes deeper than any other personality test you might have taken. It's objective, rather than subjective, because it's rooted in science.


Y.O.U. is an acronym for Your Own Understanding. Understanding what motivates you, what feeds you, what you need to get back into alignment, and what your energetic boundaries are, you will be able to navigate more efficiently, reserving your energy for the things that matter most in your life.

The Test

People that take the assessment can choose to simply receive their personalized report ("Life Map"), or get the Life Map PLUS a 45 minute one-on-one consultation where we go deeper into your results and your unique design, as well as getting some practical application of the results for immediate results.

There is a third option that includes the personalized Life Map, the initial 45 minute consultation, plus a two hour portal discussing the wisdom and technology behind Y.O.U., a personalized life mapping session, and a follow up session.

There's a blog, too!

In the blog, Notes from the Trail, I'll be sharing inspirational stories, guest posts from experts of all areas of life, testimonials from people that have taken the test and applied what they've learned to their lives, and insights into the knowledge behind Y.O.U. and The Ultimate Life Tool.

So come on by... check it out... tell me what you think... share with your friends... all that jazz. :)

And if you want to know more about what makes you tick and how to navigate more efficiently in this world by taking the test, email me and I'll send you a special discount code.