Stoked About StokeBox!

Have you ever gone through your storage closets and thought, "I'm done with this stuff, but it's too nice to just toss out" and you wish you could pass it on to someone that would truly appreciate that stuff? Yep. Me, too.

In fact, at this very moment, there are about ten boxes of stuff I don't want, use, or need in the middle of my family room. Even though I've made it a point to purge unnecessary items during the last two moves, I still have tons of stuff that I have not been able to let go of. They're all nice items. I just don't want or need them anymore.

Since I refuse to put any of the items back in the storage closet in order to force myself to make a decision, my family room is quite the chaos zone. I have boxes of scrapbooking and stamping stuff that I know I'll never use. At one point in my life, I loved scrapbooking and stamping, but that was a long time ago and I can't even imagine having the patience to sit and scrap or stamp. I also have tons of picture perfect frames without photos, books that have been read enough times, twelve workout DVD's that I'm bored of, and so many other things that I've collected over the years. All in good condition, but all things that I need to release from my home.

This is where my new project comes in.


StokeBox won 3rd place at StartUp Weekend in San Diego this year. That's where founder, Brina Bujkovsky met another tech startup friend of mine and thought that we might be a good match. After learning more about the concept and knowing it would be something that I would totally appreciate, I jumped on board to help spread awareness about StokeBox.

Brina is the mastermind behind StokeBox, runs the business and is constantly thinking of ways to improve the service. When she couldn’t find an easy way to trade her favorite, no-longer-needed baby clothes for what she could use in return, she created StokeBox. Her goal is to help others like her solve two common challenges – ridding a household of clutter made from unused and outgrown stuff, and finding high quality items for her growing family at a low price.

I recently started working on a really neat start up called StokeBox. I'd explain it all, but the founder and CEO made this cute video, so I'll let you watch it real quick.

I love the last scene. That's pretty much my house. :)

Packing Up

We introduced the site and idea with a packing party for a group of San Diego Mom Bloggers. We weren't sure how many boxes we would get them to pack. We were hoping for eight to ten. We got twenty-three!

Apparently, we ALL have lots of good stuff to pass on.

How StokeBox Works:

  • Members curate and exchange gift boxes of your best stuff for access to boxes of great things you need from a trusted circle of members.
  • Search tags and view descriptive photos to find and valuable stuff you need – from children’s clothes and toys, to shoes and art supplies, to name a few – at a fraction of the retail cost.
  • Choose from 3 USPS flat-rate box sizes:  small ($10), medium $15, large ($20) [shipping is included in the flat rate!]

This isn't a place to dump your junk, so to make sure you and the other members are stoked, we ask everyone to follow these guidelines:

It's been pretty cool being part of a start up that's such a great solution. It's also great knowing that there's a future for all the stuff in my life that's still in good (even great) condition that I'm just not in to any more.

So, check it out. Let us know what you think. We're still in the feedback stages and welcome your comments. We're also ready for more members and more boxes! So grab all your goods and curate some boxes!! We'd be stoked if you'd join. :)