Let's Get Naked!

What would you have to lose to gain the confidence to Get Naked? That's the question we were asking at SxSW in Austin last week. We weren't actually getting naked, silly! That question was the basis of a cheeky little campaign to inspire people to feel comfortable in their nakedness.

On March 13, CoolSculpting took over a small gallery in the middle of the city and created Naked Headquarters to dispatch streets teams of 40 wearing naked bodysuits and crews to set up naked scenes on busy streets throughout the festival, flinging branded bras, panties, and boxers on trees. Our team positioned naked mannequins to look as if they were just hanging out in their underwear on street corners. Totally normal, right? ;) We also enlisted the help of The Naked Cowboy to head out with our team of Nakeds, getting the word out about CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that freezes fat cells. That freezing process destroys the fat cells and the results are a reduction in fat in the treated area. It's a great way to get rid of your muffin top or love handles without needles or lasers and with little or no down time.

Who better to grab people's attention about looking and feeling good naked than The Naked Cowboy? I have to tell you... I wasn't really sure what to expect. After getting past the awkwardness of talking to a mostly nude man who is in amazing shape (so hard not to stare at his pecs), we had a great time talking about the confidence that comes from not only looking good, but feeling good, inside and out. Obviously, it takes a high level of confidence to walk around in underwear, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a guitar all over Times Square or Downtown Austin. Being physically fit and lean plays a big part in his confidence level.

But before we opened up our Naked Headquarters at the gallery on Second Street, and before we even got The Naked Cowboy out on the street with our Naked street team, we had mobile billboards driving through downtown Austin promoting the Let's Get Naked campaign, as well as probably the most viewed and best placed projection billboard at SxSW. I could see it from just about every party every night. When people would ask what I was doing at SxSW this year, all I had to do was turn and point to the flashing flashers on the building and say, "That." People were stopping me, asking, "Are you with the Naked people?" Curiosities were piqued and everyone wanted to know more. Once I explained what CoolSculpting was about, folks were ready to sign up.

I talked so much, I lost my voice!

We asked people to join the conversation on Twitter at #NakedAtSxSW as well as to check out the Let's Get Naked micro-site for more information and for a chance to win a new iPad and CoolSculpting treatment. We are still currently running that campaign, so head over before you miss out!


I've been asked if I've had the treatment yet. I haven't yet. I'm still working on losing the "happy" pounds I added after reconciling with my husband last year. I'm almost back to my pre-hubby weight. That's when I'll be going in for a treatment.

But to answer the question, "What would you have to lose to gain the confidence to go naked?" My answer is: my tummy flab. Even when I'm in my best shape, that's the area that stubbornly sticks around. I can't wait to freeze and destroy those fat cells!

What would YOU have to lose to gain the confidence to Get Naked?

2011: What a Year!

I knew it was going to be a big one, but I had not idea what was coming.

The year started off with a fabulous trip to Ford headquarters in Detroit. You know what? 9 degrees in January is really not that bad! As part of a group of bloggers and journalists hosted by Ford, I got to enjoy the North American International Auto Show where Ford unveiled more cars with green technology that makes sense. A pleasant bonus was being introduced to The Head and the Heart at a show sponsored by Pandora one evening. They're a cool indie band from Seattle that I absolutely fell in love with. Needless to say, my new favorite Pandora station is named after them.

Spring sprung with all kinds of interesting fun.

My husband and I got back together, for one. Right after that, I returned to Austin for SxSWi with a blow up doll. Judy was a big hit, standing out in the crowd and getting her picture taken all over the place. Quite a success since she was wearing my client's logo the whole time. Word of caution: always take a spare blow up doll... just in case.

In April, my friend, Sondra and I, along with a bunch of usual suspects in the San Diego social media scene raced through the Gaslamp looking for answers to clues in the Fiji Scavenger Hunt. SO much fun! We definitely need to do that again. That same month, my Fab Over Forty friend, Kari Solyntjes asked me to be her So Cal correspondent for the Redbook party in honor of the Kardashians Mother's Day cover. It was a great party and I was loving Kris and Kim... which makes the whole sham marriage scam even slimier for me. Oh well. The cupcakes were awesome. Ask SweatPantsMom.

And just like I envisioned on my dream board, I was featured in our local rag, the San Diego Magazine as part of the Best of North County issue! I got to spotlight a few things I love about the seaside town I was living in: Oceanside. That issue came out in May, just in time for my birthday. What a gift to unwrap!

That summer, Blogher came to San Diego! I was pleased to answer questions about the event at our local station, KUSI, although I was a wee bit hoarse from the Vicks party at East Village Tavern + Bowl the night before. No worries, though. I had plenty of cough syrup to soothe the throat! One special event was a dinner hosted by Sony Pictures. We got to preview Pan Am, a show I am still ticked about being canceled. Jets and swank... how can you say no to that? Aiming Low hosted its first official BlogHer party, Come As You Are. Robin Plemmons tattoed me with some nice words on my arm ("I will cut a bitch") before we headed down to jump on beds at the CheeseburgHer party. It was so great seeing all of my favorite bloggers in my town. I'm pretty sure the consensus was that everyone wanted to return to our fine city. I know it's far for many, but oh my lanta, it's worth the trip.

Also that summer, I was part of a group I like to call "The Strawberry Girls." Five bloggers from across the country convened on the strawberry fields of Monterey to learn all about my favorite berry from the California Strawberry Commission. We learned about the safety and transportation of the strawberry, as well as tasting some incredible sweet and savory dishes and drinks flavored with them. We each hosted a party in our own regions. The LA party I got to host was the final leg of the tour. The food and presentation was a big hit with all my guests, as was discovering the California Strawberries app that holds all kinds of nutritional information and recipes in store.

Fall came and it was back to business. Kids went back to school and I went to work. I even got myself an office, cuz I'm all serious like that. So serious that I painted purple tulips on the wall. Sondra and I soft-launched Smart & Social, hosting a few social media seminars and strategy sessions for beginning bloggers and business women. We've also been strategizing on some webinars to get more bang for our bucks; bucks being time.

The end of the year brought a couple of trips to my high school workplace, Knott's Berry Farm. The kids loved the trips so much, they now want season tickets. Another sweet experience was going to the Pantages for a symphony performance in honor of 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. It doesn't suck being a brand ambassador for Nintendo. :)

And just for giggles, I launched Stuff Mexicans Like. Orale!

My year is coming to a close with a new beginning. I'm enjoying the sweet serenity of a new home to start the new year and the next chapter of my life off right. I'm excited to see what 2012 has in store!