Delicious Decisions

Fresh food lovers in the Southwestern region have long enjoyed Rubio's Fish Tacos. My personal favorite has always been the same. Whenever I walked into one of Ralph Rubio's shops, I'd order a Pesky Combo: two fish tacos, beans & cheese, and a side of crispy corn tortilla chips. But that just changed.

Last month, Rubio's launched two new fish tacos: Avocado Corn and Sesame Soy.

The Sesame Soy Fish Taco is a delicious blend of sweet and savory, while the Avocado Corn is a fresh take on old world flavor. Those were great additions to the Rubio's menu, the only down side being that it would make my ordering a little more difficult. But I could forgive Ralph. I mean, he did give me more delicious choices, and I can't really be mad at him for that.

But THIS?! I just don't know what to do now!

Ralph and his amazing chefs have introduced two MORE delicious tacos! Seriously? How am I supposed to be in and out with my lunch with all these choices? My stomach can't decide between the tangy new Salsa Verde Pan-Seared Shrimp or the new spicy selection, Smoky Red Chile Shrimp Taco.

Pesky WHO?

Here's Ralph to tell you more while I decide which taco to enjoy today:

See what I mean? How can you pick just one? Wait. I know! I can have one of each! ;)

Which one would you choose?