My San Diego: The America's Cup

Exciting happenings on the water in San Diego this weekend: The first stop of the 34th America's Cup World Series was in our fair city... and I got a front row seat. Awww yeah, baby!

At the end of the Broadway Pier were mobs of people squished together like sardines, sticking their arms up in the air, hoping they got a decent shot of anything. To the right of them were the grandstands where there was no squishing... just sitting on hard, cold, metal benches. To the right of the grandstands was a big swanky yacht, aft to the ocean, giving all on board a front row seat to the action.

And that's where we got to sit!

We boarded the elegantly appointed yacht just as lunch was being set out. It was a delicious lunch buffet that included a spinach salad with apples, cranberries, cheese crumbles, and candied walnuts followed by spinach and cheese stuffed chicken breasts, veggies, and the lightest rice with golden raisins. At the end of the buffet was an endless selection of cheesecakes and cakes, including a chocolate raspberry cheese and german chocolate and carrot cakes. So many choices and my kids' favorites was the plain cheesecake. What can I say. They're very vanilla.

We sat at one of the reserved tables up front where we could see the races from the window as well as on the big screen next to our table. I kept looking around, waiting for someone to ask to see our IDs. ;) Once we finished lunch, we took our desserts (and my bloody mary) out to the deck to watch the boats, IRL. On the top deck, we used high power scopes to watch the sailors work the rigging and maneuver the amazing vessels through the waters. Very impressive! Helicopters buzzed about, getting incredible aerial footage of the boats, hovering just in front and above us several times. Also impressive.

Know what else we got to see IRL? The oldest trophy in the world:

At the end of the day, we were excited to see team Oracle crossed the finish line in the Spithill, winning the Match Racing Championship. Don't let this boring video fool you. It was really quite exciting!

The winds in San Diego were gustier today, culminating a tremendous week of racing on the waters of San Diego. Unfortunately, I could only watch from home today... no buffet or bloody marys to be found... *sigh* It would have been great to see Team Oracle win the Fleet Racing Championship (becoming the first team in America's Cup history to secure a double win in the AC World Series), but alas, we only had one awesome day at the races.

Check out these amazing photos of Team Oracle securing a double win at the America's Cup in the Spithill in San Diego.