This is a POST!

Sometimes, I think I'm taking crazy pills.

Like when everyone starts using the wrong word for something and I start to wonder if all this time, I was the one that was wrong. But I know I'm not, yet when I go to correct people (for the one millionth time), I stop myself because A) it doesn't seem to be making a dent in the misuse of the word, and B) I have that tiny little voice of doubt telling me that I might be the one that's wrong.

So yesterday, after months of this nagging doubt, I asked a bunch of people that would be experts in the correct use of the word in question:


Blog, if you didn't already know, is short for Weblog. This entire thing that you see (header, sidebar, posts, footer, etc.) is a weblog, aka, BLOG. The individual stories or articles are called POSTS. For some reason, this is a difficult concept for so many newbies to grasp. Maybe it's because the word "blog" can also be used as a verb, as in, "I blogged about that," or "I'm blogging that." That's a perfectly acceptable use of the abbreviated word, blog.

But this... this thing that you are currently reading ON my blog is a POST! A collection of posts makes up a blog. If you tell me to come read your blog, I'm going to assume that you mean to read all the articles on your weblog/site. It makes me crazy when people say, "I wrote a blog about that," or "This is a blog about the time I interviewed that one star," because I know they are referring to a post.

And although I KNOW this, I still questioned myself because of the rampant misuse of the word. My expert friends, immersed in the terminology as professional bloggers, confirmed that I was correct in being freaking annoyed and further, they thought it might just be a "West Coast" thing.

They may be right.

The only times I hear anyone referring to posts as blogs have been here in California, or as the rest of the country refers to us, The Land of Fruits and Nuts. The biggest offenders are journalists on a radio station here on the West Coast that I listen to. They have been pushing their blog POSTS for the last several months. I was initially just annoyed that they talked about the same post for weeks because blogging is more active than that, so I mentioned it to a friend that works at the station and a few days later, I heard new promos for newer posts... which they still referred to as BLOGS. Now, weeks later, the spots are once again stale, and my ire has deepened to the inclusion of their referring to individual posts as blogs. "Come read my blog about..." "The blog took me months to write..." and on and on.

I want to SCREAM!!!

I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does. So please, for the love all things big and small, and for my personal sanity, STOP MISUSING THE WORD BLOG! And you of the blogalicious sort that are in the know, for the love of Pete, correct any and all offenders before this gets completely out of control!

There... I feel much better...

This has a been a Public Service POST by the blogaliciously annoyed.